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Barboto Brings Leadership To Men’s Soccer Squad

Men's Soccer-September 19-16

Daniel Barboto’s leadership will be essential to the men’s soccer team’s success in 2014. Alex Jackson/The Minaret

“Daniel is a model student athlete. He gets it done on the field and most importantly in the classroom,” Men’s Soccer Associate Head Coach, Maurice Loregnard, said as he described senior midfielder Daniel Barboto. 

Barboto has been a part of the team for four years, playing mostly midfield, and constantly strives to push his teammates to be their best and to come together to achieve success as much as he can.

“Daniel has had a fantastic impact on the team from the moment he came on to our campus as a freshman. We knew what we were getting from Daniel as we watched him play locally from the time he was 8 years old,” said Head Men’s Soccer Coach, Adrian Bush. 

“He is one of the best ‘team guys’ we have had in our program as he is really focused on group success. He is willing to sacrifice his personal glory for the good of the team which is very hard to get in young players. He is one of the hardest workers on our team and a guy that carries a 3.8 GPA as a senior.”

While maintaining all of his success academically, Barboto has also become a leader on the team.

“Over his four years at UT we have never had any problems with him, and he has emerged as one of the leaders of the team for sure,” Loregnard said. “He started to really stand out and emerged as a leader last year during the spring season. Maybe it was because the seniors had left and he realized that in 2014 he would now become part of the leadership group that will hopefully lead the team to a fourth national championship.”

The men’s soccer team has had a very successful season so far, with a record of 4-1-1, as they just won their game against the University of West Alabama (2-0) on Sunday.  

Barboto showed his consistency on the field as he assisted the team’s second goal of the half in the thirty-first minute.

“Biggest impact he has had is consistency – you know if there is something you need, if it was time to go to battle – this is a guy you can count on, on and off the field,” Bush said.

Soccer has been a large part of Barboto’s life since he was a kid. One of his biggest inspirations has been his father.

“My dad got me into soccer because he had so much passion for the game and he played on a high level, as well as my uncles and grandparents they were all involved with the game so I just followed on that path,” Barboto said.

The bonds Barboto has made with his fellow teammates and coaches he feels created a sense of brotherhood among the team.

“They’re your teammates you know, like any fraternity or sorority, they’re your brothers they’re going to be there for you on the field and off,” Barboto said.

Barboto was awarded the Presidential Scholarship by the University as well Athletic Aid on top of that. 

“You should focus on everything the best you can. I find myself as a scholar and a soccer player I do everything to my best and that’s all that matters,” Barboto said.

While the future is uncertain for Barboto, that doesn’t stop him from doing what he loves.

“For me there is no plan in life. I’m just going to where the best opportunity is. I’d love to play professional soccer but I would I also love to go to medical school. It’s just a matter of what would be the best fit for me out of college,” Barboto said. 

Although Barboto graduates in May, he has many goals  that he would like to see accomplished. 

“Before I graduate I want to see us become closer. When you’re closer you hold each other accountable for what’s going on. The closer the team is the better the team will be,”  Barboto said. 

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