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Drake and Lil Wayne Bring Rap Battle to Tampa Bay

It can be easily assumed that Drake and Lil Wayne being pitted against each other would wedge a great divide in the world of Hip Hop. However, the Drake vs. Lil Wayne tour is not only entertaining to watch but even more exciting to be a part of.

The friendly competition between the two biggest names in Hip Hop offers concertgoers some Street Fighter nostalgia while also allowing fans to take part in the showdown. Through an I-phone app tentatively titled “Drake vs. Lil Wayne” fans are able to cast their votes on who opens the show, who’s onslaught bars are more impressive, and who walks away with the night’s prize – immortality.

Throughout the course of the concert, Wayne and Drake trade hits, fan faves, and even exchange some friendly banter. Songs like “Draft Day”, “We Made It”, and “The Language” are responses to Wayne’s well-seasoned tracks, establishing that these two lyrical beasts are actually going head-to-head. Although, the two rappers limit themselves to a hook and verse, their taunting is what often riles up the crowd.

However, the back-and-forth comes to a head when Drizzy straps himself onto a zip line and hovers over the crowd at one point during the show and puts his vocals to use. Eventually, a hook-singing competition ensues and the crowd once again plays its part as they recite their favorite one-liners. The quips and snarky remarks cease towards the end of the show after the final vote is calculated via the app and the night’s winner is announced.

Ultimately, Drake vs. Lil Wayne is a fun, high energy concert. For some it’s a right of passage as the sensei (Lil Wayne) passes the baton to the student (Drake). However, in its competitive concept lies one major flaw, the two rap titans barely perform their collaborative hits together. Yet, the night’s closing song “HYFR” is easily an epic moment that will have you craving more.


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