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The Ultimate Showdown

Ultimate Frisbee has quickly become one of our campus's favorite intramural sports. Casey Budd/ The Minaret

Got a few guys, a field and a Frisbee disc? That’s about all you’ll need to play a game of Ultimate Frisbee. Over the past decade, this wild and quirky sport has become a staple on college campuses. Its simplicity makes it easy to play, but make no mistake––ultimate is not for the faint at heart.

For those unaware, ultimate Frisbee is a lot like football (minus the tackling, pads and huddling before plays). The goal is to pass the disc between players until you reach the endzone. Much like every other sport, whoever scores more points wins the game.

However, there’s a catch. Players can only move when they do not have the disc, making it all the more challenging to march down the field and score.

The Minaret chose ultimate as the best intramural sport because we believe it garners a subculture of its own. Between 10-12 intramural Frisbee teams are formed every year at UT, each with unique attributes.

Some students join to represent their fraternities or clubs, while others dawn pun-filled nicknames such as The Disc-iples, Disc Jockeys and Disco Crew. Because Frisbee is so unlike any other sport, you never know what to expect night in and night out. It’s relatively easy to understand the game, which sets up hearty competitions on the regular.

“I loved Ultimate Frisbee because it was an off-beat sport that was not only fun but actually pretty competitive. My experience playing was fun getting to know the other teams and trying to figure out plays with my new team,” said Austin MacFarland, a sophomore nursing major.

In a bevy of ways, ultimate is the underdog of sports. People underestimate the tenacity, grit and determination needed to win a match of this glorious game. According to a BBC study, a Frisbee athlete runs an average of five miles in an hour long game. To add, a thrower must be meticulous about where he or she throws the Frisbee as soft, feeble passes can be easily swatted down or intercepted by an opponent.

Frisbee may not be littered with glam, but its adrenaline-pumping action makes it our favorite intramural sport.

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