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New Parking Expansion Expected for 2015

The new parking garage will house the Center for Entrepreneurship and Campus Safety. | Photo courtesy of UT Office of Public Information

Across many university newspapers, one issue seems to come up again and again: student parking. There have been constant complaints about UT not having enough parking, although 250 spaces were added last year. However, that will finally change as the university begins the construction of another parking garage.

In an email that was sent to the entire student body, the school announced a new building that would be seven stories and “will include classrooms, student meeting rooms, faculty offices, Campus Safety headquarters, parking and unique space for UT’s Entrepreneurship Center.”

Zachary Iacovino, a senior and government and world affairs major, was overjoyed with the news of a new parking garage despite graduation being right around the corner.

“I think it’s fantastic. Parking is obviously a huge issue on campus, so it’s reassuring to know that the university recognizes that and is taking steps to remedy it. The new cafe is nice too! It’s a shame I won’t be around to enjoy it since I’m graduating,” Iacovino said.

While students don’t seem to be hiding their excitement for the new structure, the new parking garage will not be completed until late 2014 and the academic building will be finished in early 2015. Along with having new academic classrooms and a parking garage the building will also be home to a cafe that will have indoor and outdoor seating as well as being open later at night.

“I am in full support of this plan if more parking is involved. It’ll be exciting to see another addition to campus and I hope to get to see the final product before I graduate and another place to eat is always welcome on campus,” Lianne McCarthy,  junior allied health major said.

Patrick “PK” Creedon, a senior and marketing and international business major, was very pleased with the action taken by administration to better the lives of the university’s students. Creedon also hopes that the next project to be tackled will be a new and improved gym.

“As president, I’m fortunate to have a large amount of influence, but obviously not the power associated with making construction and expansion decisions. I am extremely excited to see administration responding to the students parking concern and taking it a step further with the incredible plans for the bottom have of the new building,” Creedon said.

Although the construction will not be finished until 2015, the university seems to be making changes that the students appreciate and find not only important but beneficial.

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