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A New Year, A New Sorority

Potential new members of sorority life attend an informational meeting. | Casey Budd/The Minaret

With sorority and fraternity recruitment just around the corner, some freshmen on campus have been searching for a Greek organization to become a part of. What many students don’t know is that the Panhellenic has invited a new sorority, Pi Beta Phi, to UT, making it the newest sorority since 2010 when Kappa Alpha Theta arrived.

As a sorority, Pi Beta Phi focuses on developing women of intellect and integrity while also encouraging friendship.

They help to foster leadership potential and also enrich lives by promoting community service. Pi Beta Phi aims to fill the charter class with women who embody their six core values and who will be a great partner to the entire University of Tampa community.

Lauren Fugit, Resident Leadership Development Consultant of the Florida Zeta chapter of Pi Beta Phi, was able to answer a few questions concerning the new installment.

Fugit began by addressing any future challenges that the organization might face.

“Pi Beta Phi has been welcomed with open arms by the University of Tampa community. This organization has been offered unparalleled support by the Coordinator of Fraternity and Sorority Life, Brent Grunig, the Office of Student Leadership and Engagement, and the men and women of the Greek community.”

“We want to find women who will be able to establish a strong foundation and lead the chapter in the future,” Fugit also replied.

Pi Beta Phi has six core values: integrity, lifelong commitment, honor and respect, philanthropic service to others, personal and intellectual growth and sincere friendship.

“We are looking for women who embody these values and have the potential to bring them to life on campus,” Fugit said.

Pi Beta Phi believes that the power of reading is essential. They work with several philanthropic organizations to help give back to the community by bringing the importance of literacy to the attention of people around the world.

“We believe reading has always been, and always will be, a powerful step toward a life of enduring impact. Through our literacy platform, ‘Read Lead Achieve,’ Pi Beta Phi works with organizations such as The Library of Congress and First Book to promote literacy throughout the United States and Canada,” Fugit continued.

When students around campus were asked what being a part of a sisterhood meant to them, and why they felt they should join a sorority or fraternity, freshman Kathryn Schnepp, a marine biology major, provided her insight into why sorority life was for her.

“I want a close group of friends. Being a freshman you don’t know anyone, and you miss those close friends you left behind. Being in a sorority gives you that back, plus you get to better your community as well,” she said.

“I don’t think I would be as open to joining a newly established sorority,” Schnepp continued. Being a founding member would be exciting, but since they aren’t established you don’t know what kind of impact they will make here at UT.”

The opinions about joining a new sorority varied from student to student. Some said that they found it interesting to be one of the first members of a new sorority, while others like Schnepp thought it better to join one of the more known and established sororities at UT.

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1 Comment on A New Year, A New Sorority

  1. UT is so absurd with their greek organizations. They run the school like a private boarding school, not a university. Somehow, they still limit the organizations that are on campus…

    Really sounds like an educational environment where students are able to congregate and advance their knowledge to me.

    Not. (borat)


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