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Mackenzie Crowley, a senior sociology major, describes herself as a person “living for the now” and has been a model in New York for seven years since the age of 14 and participated in NY fashion week. She also rode a mechanical bull, went parasailing, has been in a wind tunnel and dyed her hair black. Now, she’s planning on cutting it all off if she raises $3,000 for Relay for Life, an event held at University of Tampa on April 12 that brings awareness to cancer.

– The Minaret was able to sit down with Crowley to find out more.

The Minaret (M): What are you planning on doing?

Mackenzie Crowley (MC): If my Relay for Life team [sociology] raises $3,000, I’m going to shave my head.

M: Can you explain a bit about Relay for Life?

MC: This is actually my first year participating in Relay for Life and being a captain, but I know cancer never sleeps so for one night we’re not going to. All night, one representative from every team has to be on the track walking around. My team and I will all pretty much be walking the entire time just because we’re determined. I know that my goal is $3,000 and a lot of teams have other goals.

M: Why shave your head?

MC: I feel like it’s all a big social norm: men can have long hair, women can have short hair. The only reason I have long hair is because that’s what is “beautiful” or “pretty.” So it’s like, I might as well try it. Also, I’m a first semester senior, so it’s my last time to do crazy stuff until I have to go to the real world.

M: What if you don’t raise all the money?

MC: Right now we’re at $497. I will still shave my head because I made a commitment to people.

M: How have you been promoting?

MC: Facebook, asking my friend’s to donate, my parents asking their friends to donate. Basically, it’s a lot of by word of mouth. This weekend we’re actually going to Petco and we’re going to table outside and ask for donations. One of my friend’s relatives owns a restaurant locally so we’re going to go over there and talk to a lot of people. I actually did make a sign, but I have not actually worn it yet.

M: Why the cancer cause?

MC: My family has had its cancer scares, luckily I’ve never personally had it, but cancer does not discriminate. As a sociology major, I’m interested how discrimination happens and inequality and stuff of the nature. So it’s one of the few things that doesn’t discriminate so it kind of drew me to it.

M: How does it feel to be helping out others?

MC: It feels great. A couple of my friends have had cancer scares, one of them actually has cancer, so you really see the effect of it when you’re helping others. It makes you feel better because you’re helping other people feel better.

M: What do you plan on taking from this experience?

MC: Hopefully that my head doesn’t look bad bald (laughs). Bad things happen, but you can always make it better. I’m going to be bald for a little while, but hair grows back, and I’m raising money for other people. I’m sacrificing myself to help others, and I’m going to feel good about that. It’s going to be another eye opening experience. I can do one thing – shaving my head – raise $3000 and affect a lot of people’s lives, so I find that incredible. That one thing I can do can affect so many people’s lives.

M: Do you want to say anything else?

MC: Help me help relay for life. Please donate!

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