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Anonymous Inappropriately Involved in Amanda Todd Case

Sweet Peas Photography [!!!]/”]The Amanda Todd story has become a popular controversy these past couple of weeks, leading to discussion across the Internet on who is to blame for her suicide. Todd was a 15-year-old Canadian girl who was pressured by a stranger on the Internet to flash her chest during a webcam chat. In a YouTube video Todd made chronicling her journey, she explains with the use of note cards that a year later, she received a Facebook message from that same stranger, threatening her into presenting her body to him via webcam by promising that the images of her chest from their first exchange would be released to everyone that she knew. He knew her name, address, school and the names of her friends and family, and released her photos when she refused. The repercussions of the released photos included the development of anxiety and depression, as well as extreme verbal, physical and cyberbullying by Todd’s peers. Todd moved schools, but the stranger followed her and again shared the pictures with her new classmates, and the cycle repeated. She moved schools yet again, began experimenting with drugs and alcohol and began cutting herself. She attempted suicide twice before her death in early October of this year, according to

With as much world-wide attention as her story is receiving, it’s not surprising that the vigilante justice group Anonymous picked up the story. Anonymous is a loosely associated group, sometimes referred to as “hacktivists,” that track down information on the web and use it to fight for what they believe to be justice. In Todd’s case, they reportedly tracked down the man responsible for Todd’s bullying, and have released his name and personal information to the world wide web, reported While Anonymous has put out statements that they have evidence against the Vancouver man they’re pointing at, and the man was brought into court on charges of sexual assault and sexual interference with a minor unrelated to Todd, he has not been charged for involvement in Todd’s case, according to
Regardless of whether this Vancouver man is involved with Todd, is it right for Anonymous to be distributing justice? Vancouver defense lawyer Eric Gottardi told CBC News, “The system isn’t supposed to convict someone before charges are laid. It’s not supposed to be judge, jury and executioner, all in the public forum. We have a justice system. It’s supposed to work, it does work.”

From an American standpoint, I have to agree with Gottardi on this. It is written in this country’s Bill of Rights that every person deserves the right to a fair trial, and it is impossible for a jury to be impartial if a suspect has already been declared guilty by the media. For anyone to be able to play “judge, jury and executioner,” as Gottardi said, is unconstitutional. Not because wrongdoers do not deserve to be brought to justice, but because they do deserve the same rights every other American is granted.

Anonymous and anyone else who wishes to see the man that made life such a challenge for Todd convicted has every right to bring forth any information they can find to the authorities, but to post it on the Internet where everyone can see and use it for their own purposes is unfair.

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7 Comments on Anonymous Inappropriately Involved in Amanda Todd Case

  1. I think they did a great thing! The so-called justice system does not always work. That statement is almost laughable if it wasn’t so sad. It seems like if it has anything to do with rape, sexual misconduct, etc., the justice system fails girls and/or women all the time. The girls/women become the victim all over again. I stand with Anonymous! You say it is unfair, etc., this moron stalked this poor girl and posted pictures on the internet. How is that different than what Anonymous did? They get on the internet and accuse this guy of doing something horrible and this guy very well could have actually been the one that did the crime. The only difference is innocent until proven guilty, right? Well, they claim to be hacktivists, do they not? There you go, they probably hacked this guys computer and found evidence. They didn’t just pull this guy out of their a___! The guy was brought into court on sexual charges against another victim. That should tell you at the very least, that the possibility of them being right exists. What’s the difference in the police arresting someone on suspicion of rape, etc., and it turning out to be the right person or the wrong person? The stigma, unfortunately or fortunately, depending on guilt or innocence, is now there. It’s the same thing. Only it’s not viewed that way when it’s not law enforcement, government, etc. My theory is that they do have evidence and they are letting this idiot suffer, stew, before they turn it in. I say way to go Anonymous!


  2. uhm… why aren’t any of these comments concerned with who this stalker is, if Anonymous was accurate. Why isn’t there any more info weeks after Amanda passes away and a week after this ‘stalker’ was exposed?


  3. anonymous does what they need to do. they are not person therefore they are not under law they were built as an idea and they ard still that idea. and ideas are bulet proof


  4. @actualfact
    Anonymous isn’t a specific group of people. They are an idea. If you believe in the Anonymous ideas, then you are part of them. There is no recruiting process. Do a little research on them and you will find out a lot. Anonymous the hacktivist group are the ones who “found” Amanda Todd’s bully. Yes it is the same group that will “kill” Facebook, and the same group who just recently hacked into a police forum in the UK to recruit non-corrupt law enforcers. The have been in the news a lot since this whole Amanda Todd thing, hacking different organizations and companies. Dont forget their name, i can guarentee you will see it a lot in the next few months.


  5. actualfact // October 25, 2012 at 5:32 pm //

    What i don’t understand is why people don’t question if the Anonymous hacktivists doing the exposing is REALLY the same hacktivists that we think they are? (i.e. the one who cyber-attacked the Pentagon, News Corp and has also threatened to
    destroy Facebook)

    Where is the proof? How do we know that it’s not someone else pretending to be them?

    We don’t even know who Anonymous REALLY are so technically, ANYONE can pretend to be them at this point. And seeing how people are boiling mad about this Amanda Todd scenario and are more than ready to bring street vigilante justice to who they hope to be the predators, it wouldn’t suprise me if someone is just using their name to speed up the “shoot first ask questions later” method of blind justice.

    With the little to no evidence provided, I’m still not convinced that Anonymous is behind this fumble and poor judgement.


  6. “We have a justice system. It’s supposed to work, it does work.”, And never in a million years will it have ever done anything about the person who tormented and preyed on this poor girl. They would have never tracked this guy down becuase according to the “system” he didn’t do anything wrong; when in reality he may as well put a gun to her head and pulled the trigger in this day in age. Some may call it vigilante justice, I call it getting what’s coming to you. “Anonymous” is just a modern day Robinhood. As far as the scum bag mentioned, he should be publically humiliated and posted on YouTube.


  7. I am getting extremely annoyed with how the media keeps making Anonymous seem like the bad guy. If you want to look at what is bad and evil, look toward the corrupted. Corrupted Government, corrupted law enforcement, and corrupted media. Anonymous is not evil. Anonymous is an idea. Either you believe in that idea or not, Anonymous will never go away, be silenced, or ever come out defeated.


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