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West Tries to Control Kardashian’s Wardrobe

What would Kris Kardashian do? Photo courtesy of

Over the past few years, Kim Kardashian has acquired a lot of publicity for simply being herself. She started off starring in her family’s reality show, Keeping up with the Kardashians. From there, she established a larger fan base which led to more fame and business opportunities. Although, her growing fame has also resulted in the media using her as a public figure for scrutiny.

Kardashian has received criticism about her weight, short appearance on Dancing with the Stars and 72-day marriage to athlete Kris Humphries. Lately, gossip magazines have been discussing her relationship with rapper Kanye West. According to E! news reporters, West has become a strong presence in Kardashian’s life.

It has even been observed by E!, Us Weekly and other celebrity news outlets that West is attempting to heavily influence Kardashian’s wardrobe. For example, The Huffington Post has noted that her “necklines have gone up, [her] heels have gone (slightly) down and all those bright colors have been sucked away in place of black, white, gray and more black.”

“If Kanye were to dress like Kim, that would be a problem. He would need bigger pants,” freshman Skyler Davila said.

These changes were shown in an episode of Keeping up with the Kardashians where West came into Kardashian’s closet with his personal stylist to upgrade her wardrobe. His control over her wardrobe has her dressing more in his style, but in a way that makes the two appear more like a couple to the public. He is even having her dress in the clothes that he has personally designed.

West’s actions might appear unnecessarily controlling, however, both West and Kardashian could easily determine what the public wants to hear.

Freshman exercise science major Sophie Adelman said that she thinks it is weird that the couple dresses alike.

Currently, Kardashian is okay with the changes he made toward her wardrobe saying in her blog that “Kanye’s definitely inspired me to wanna, like, be more of an individual.” West’s intentions toward the wardrobe changes were to make her look and feel better. He has made it clear that he loves Kardashian the way that she is through some of his new songs like “Perfect Bitch,” where he admitted to The Huffington Post was about Kardashian.

While on The View, she mentioned that she believed that West could be her “perfect match” and that “anything [she’d] be in now is a permanent relationship.” Although, West’s intentions may not come off as genuine to the public.
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