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Celebrities Show Support for Obama at DNC

Longoria's glow spreads Obama appreciation. Photo courtesy of insidethemagic/

This year’s Democratic National Convention is very different from 2008‘s DNC. Publicly known celebrities such as: Ashley Judd, Eva Longoria,, The Roots, Foo Fighters and Flo Rida made appearances, compared to the extravagant party that Google co-hosted with Vanity Fair in 2008.This year, the DNC has taken a different approach. In the world of Hollywood, actress Ashley Judd is known for starring in Dolphin Tale, Kiss The Girls and Where the Heart Is, just to name a few.

Outside of the entertainment world, Judd is known for her philanthropic work, membership in the Tennessee delegation and for being a campaign surrogate for President Obama.

Judd was chosen by Democratic officials in her hometown of Tennessee to be one of their delegates. Her political stance in this upcoming election is equality for all.

Another well-known actress made an appearance at the DNC last week. Eva Longoria, co-chair of Obama’s re-election campaign, spoke to thousands of people Thursday night. The speech that she delivered mainly consisted of two topics: the American dream and education.

Longoria gave a personal anecdote of what it was like before she became the star that she is known to be today.

“Just like our President and First Lady, I took out loans to pay for school,” Longoria said.

Longoria went on to say that when she was flipping burgers at Wendy’s she would have needed a tax break, but the lifestyle that she has now would not require one. That statement was referring to opponent Mitt Romney’s plan to raise taxes on middle-class families.

She wrapped her speech up by declaring, “We know what we need to do. Let’s re-elect President Obama!”

Other actresses delivered speeches as well.

Kerry Washington addressed the crowd with, “You may not be thinking about politics, but politics is thinking about you.”

Scarlett Johansson stressed how important voting and having a voice is.

Similar to Longoria, Johansson drew the crowd in with a trip down memory lane. She gave a tale of how when she was younger, she watched her mom vote.

Since so many celebrities made an appearance at the DNC, it was probable that it would cause a lot of buzz within the media.

The question is, though, how it would affect the vote of the people.

Jessica McCarron, senior and president of College Democrats, with a major in government and world affairs, believes it could get people talking about important issues.

“We see politicians on TV every day talking about the same issues… But when you see someone else in the public eye who’s away from it, it can help interest,” McCarron said.

The DNC was not the only political convention to generate some discussion. Various people tweeted about Clint Eastwood’s speech at the RNC. Eastwood carried on a conversation with an empty chair, dubbing it the name of President Obama.

Many people did not get the punchline of the joke.

“I think the celebrities at the DNC who haven’t been making movies since 1892 did a better job of representing their candidate with their speeches,” said Shanece Brent, a freshman writing major.

Even Sarah Palin had something to say about the comical speech. She tweeted that it is American kids who are going to suffer under “Obama’s empty style of leadership.” Along with that statement, Palin attached an image of a high chair strapped to a chair.

This repetitive humor ignited some backlash. One Twitter user fired back at Palin, saying “@SarahPalinUSA=#EmptyHead.”

Aside from giving political speeches, some celebrities came to Charlotte to perform. On the last night of the DNC, artists Mary J. Blige, James Taylor and Earth Wind & Fire performed.

The people who attended the convention ended the night by going to various V.I.P. parties. Actress Jessica Alba and husband Cash Warren hosted the celebrity fundraiser, Superorama Party at the Fillmore, where Pitbull performed.

The week started off with folks getting down to business, but they made sure to end with a celebration.

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1 Comment on Celebrities Show Support for Obama at DNC

  1. Tiffany Lee // September 13, 2012 at 7:25 pm //

    Very interesting article! It is great to see that celebrities are not afraid to show they’re human and have been through some of the same things that non-celebrities have gone through. I wasn’t able to watch the entire DNC but Wow! Eva Longoria took out college loans? I didn’t know that! I’m glad that she was honest saying (paraphrased) “I don’t need a tax cut.” It shows honesty and genuine concern for people who are less fortunate. I love this article! Keep up the good work Zoe!


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