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Nintendo’s Unofficial Announcement for Wii 2

Games like Wii Fit and mini games like Wii Tennis and Bowling have thrown the video game industry for a loop as almost anyone ranging in age from three to ninety-three can pick up the controller and start playing a game that they’ll both enjoy and actually get exercise with.

Currently the Wii lacks a DVD player, or a large hard-drive to store videos or music on, and relies heavily on external drives, like an SD card to store content on, all of which even the most inexperienced gamer or user for that matter would benefit from.

After five years though, Nintendo has made a statement which almost guarantees a new console will be revealed this year. Expected to be officially announced at the E3 video game show in Los Angeles, Calif. in June, the new console is expected to outperform the current Wii as well as be even more powerful than Microsoft’s and Sony’s devices are currently. Rumors are currently pricing the Wii 2,  at between $350 and $400 and expected to hit shelves between October and early 2012.

Generally, next generation consoles are released right before the holiday season to jump start their sales but speculation is swirling if Nintendo will hold off on releasing the new console in hopes that developers will spend the extra time creating more games and apps that will make the next console shine upon release.

Typically the console wars travel on a five year cycle from release to their death as a new console is released and this is the fifth year for the Wii as we approach the 2011 holiday season. Rumors have yet to start though for the competition so it’d be a safe assumption that Nintendo is going to steal the spotlight this holiday season with it’s next generation console with Microsoft and Sony scrambling to develop their next device and get it onto the market.

A few students around campus are excited to hear about Nintendo’s next generation console. Madeline Stolberg, a freshman here at the University of Tampa has never really been interested in video games but “is always interested in what’s coming out and what people will wait in line for. If Nintendo is going to make a multibillion dollar device then maybe I can get a job there after graduating and help make the next few models.”

Tyler Powell on the other hand is excited for the new device saying, “I didn’t bring my Wii to college with me but sometimes I really wish I had. I hope it has a Blu-ray player and better graphics, the original was cute but with today’s TV’s it’s almost a necessity to have great graphics.”

Stay tuned to the news to hear more about the rumored Nintendo.

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3 Comments on Nintendo’s Unofficial Announcement for Wii 2

  1. To “The Dave”:
    Take yourself off to the side and have a quiet word with yourself.
    Saying to someone “You are an idiot” just because they might have a view on something that is different to yours is just not the way to conduct yourself.
    These are the actions of a child.
    I’m not being sarcastic by saying this, but, in case you dont know because no-one has taught you, all you have to say is something like: “Hey! I’m not sure that you are right on this.” Then go on to explain your point calmly.
    Be polite. Be courteous. It costs nothing and yet is worth a lot.


  2. the spot // April 28, 2011 at 3:29 pm //

    ya i think its likly for “them” to release a console this year to go with the just release “3DS” and is most likly to hit stors early next year or maby this year around the holidays and no your not an idiot for think this because you seem to know what you are talking about.
    It seems around the time for a new console anyways

    Sighn TheSpot


  3. The Dave // April 28, 2011 at 3:09 pm //

    You are an idiot. Nintendo will not relesae Wii 2 until late 2012. It will be seen again at the 2012 E3.


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