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Students turn a “Hott Mess” into a Hot Commodity

With the scent of finals week growing more and more potent, it’s natural for preparation to resemble the five steps of grief; even worse, fight-or-flight responses begin revving into gear. But the torture of exams can be alleviated. This Friday and Saturday, HOTT MESS will be showing in Reeves Theatre and it’s bound to be a fun time. 

Entirely student driven, HOT MESS is a show containing various types of theatre; including comedy, drama, and improvisation. Coordinating the production is Dr. Robert Gonzalez, assistant professor for the Department of Speech, Theatre, and Dance. Together, they’ve spent this past week rehearsing in Reeve’s Theater.

“We have worked all semester on this performance. Our core group has been meeting for two hours every Friday to coordinate the overall production – bringing ideas to the table, discussing and voting on them – and then each writer-producers has been rehearsing and further developing his/her piece on their own time,” Gonzalez explained.

The idea initially came from a course which allowed students the opportunity to piece together a production using professional, published works. However, this is the first time students will be creating a show from original works so be prepared to witness things you haven’t seen before and won’t find elsewhere.

“I have encouraged my students to think beyond regular play forms and create ‘theatre pieces’ which employ the elements of theatre – space, light, people, language, sound, etc. – in ways other than usual,” added Gonzalez.

Some performers include seniors Aileen Suseck (Our Town) and Zachary Hines (Falsettos); junior Patricia Yeazell, as well as freshmen Erin Dickerson, Brandon Zimmermann, and Timothy Bourn (Our Town).

“I feel that things have been coming together very nicely, and there is always a feeling of great energy when I walk into the room with everyone,” Bourn said.

HOTT MESS will be having a final dress rehearsal, available for preview, Thursday at 10 p.m. in Reeves Theatre. The real show begins Friday, April 29 at 8 p.m. and will be shown again Saturday, April 30 at 2 p.m. All performances are free which means that you’ll have an opportunity to witness fresh talent before they get famous and it costs a fortune to even shake their hand.

“I truly love theatre and this experience, like many other shows, has brought us together and given us something to create together, and we are very excited to share what we have created with everyone this weekend,” Bourn continued.

“The show is fantastic and will surely be an experience for all who attend,” Zimmermann added.

Tomy Wilkerson can be reached at tlwilserson@

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