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Mid-Morning Snacking at The Brunchery

The Brunchery, on South MacDill Ave., is a place with a down home atmosphere that serves breakfast all day. | Moriah Parrish/The Minaret

Ah, brunch: that wonderful invention for those who find the chance to avoid an alarm clock and instead wake up at their leisure.

Finally, a dining establishment exists to suit those mid-morning or early-afternoon hunger pangs.

The Brunchery on South MacDill Ave. is just such a haven.

The dining room, simply one long room extending back to the kitchen, is filled with every sort of ideal home-imagery one can imagine. Wooden and granite tables and one long wooden bench extend the length of a side wall.

A silk yellow rose and one mug for each place setting adorn the quaint tables.

No two mugs are alike, just as if they came from the average home kitchen cabinet. Bygone Coke products, ceramic figurines and small trinkets adorn the shelves lining the yellow and sage green walls, reminding me of a certain grandmother’s home in rural Ohio.

Adding to the home-style feel, the menu offers an array of breakfast or lunch choices including omelets, crepes, eggs Benedict, pancakes, waffles, French toast, sandwiches, hamburgers, items spread with lox — every type of brunch fare imaginable.

The sign read, “Please seat yourself,” so I did, meanwhile perusing the whiteboard of items offered for that day.

When my server arrived, she strongly suggested the Coconut Cream gourmet coffee du jour and I agreed to try it. Truly, it tasted like pie with coffee. I’m still not sure how they did that.

After careful consideration, I at last decided on the crepe of the day, a hearty version of the delicate creation stuffed with spinach, feta cheese and bacon. I chose fruit as my side dish.

My meal arrived quickly, but the glass of water I had asked for to cut the sweetness of the coffee did not,arrive for the remainder for of the meal, much to my chagrin.

The crepes, however, were steaming and had been wonderfully smothered in a honey mustard Hollandaise sauce. I dug in.

They were everything a good crepe should be: the fillings were piping hot, the crepe itself thin and light and the sauce was the perfect compliment to the blend of meat and cheese.

Sadly, they were gone too soon. Although served with a muffin and fruit —  which was fresh, clean and crisp — the main items were fairly small and there were only two.

For a person who normally cannot finish a meal when dining out, I found them easily manageable and was almost still hungry when the meal had disappeared.

Thankfully, they have a dessert menu, and even though the server had already placed the bill on the table without mentioning the last course, I inquired about it and opted for a slice of rum cake, reminding her again about the water.

The cake appeared shortly, minus my beverage, and I was surprised to find it had two layers of ice-cream, one chocolate and one vanilla, in between two layers of cake.

It had been topped with almond slivers and served drizzled in caramel sauce.

The rum part must have been mixed in with cake, because its presence was slightly overwhelming.

The ice-cream made a nice touch, and was better than the actual cake.

By the end of the visit, I had decided that The Brunchery was a good destination for a light midday meal, but the casual home-style feel extends to the portion size and service, and that may not be such a good thing.

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1 Comment on Mid-Morning Snacking at The Brunchery

  1. I’m a commuter student and long-time South Tampa resident, and I have been going to The Brunchery for years. I think Moriah made the wrong choice if looking for a filling meal — the crepes are defintiely a light choice, but all the menu portions are not that small. Try the restaurant again, and get an omelet or the signature french toast (french toast stuffed with a cream cheese filling, covered with strawberries and bananas). Delish and a lot of food.


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