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Halo: Reach Breaks First Day Sales Record

New ‘Spartans’ have entered UT and I don’t mean the freshman class of 2014.

As of September 14, Halo: Reach officially became available to the general public and in doing so brought a favorite franchise of many XBOX 360 owner’s back to the limelight.

Grossing $200 million dollars opening day, Reach broke the record for the Halo franchise in first day sales.

No longer do players control Master Chief, the green supersoldier most gamers are accustomed to but instead an unnamed new recruit only known as Noble 6, a replacement for a victim of the war against the Covenant.

Reach, meant as a prequel to the rest of the series aims to give a more detailed story of the events leading up the 2001 smash hit Halo: Combat Involved.

As in the other games, the Covenant force is the battling point between the aliens and humans.

Reach introduces a multitude of new features to game play such as upgraded weapons, the addition of a jetpack, active camo, the ability to sprint, and a feature called ‘armor lock’ which gives Noble 6 the ability to become invincible at the cost of being fixed to one position.

The multiplayer portion of Reach has also been tweaked since the latest version of Halo.

Playing via XBOX Live, players earn ‘credits’ which they can spend to customize armor, hence a more player immersive experience.

The ability to play has a woman or man has also been added along with new multiplayer games outside of the typical ‘capture the flag’ and ‘king of the hill’.

‘Headhunter’, a game where players drop skulls upon death has been added, along with ‘Stockpile’, ‘Generator Defense’ where literally the goal is to defend the installation of three generators, and ‘Invasion’ have been added. Upon meeting checkpoints during the campaign on the game, more features will be unlocked in multiplayer such as weapons and vehicles.

Anthony Siviglia, a freshman here at UT has a very strong opinion on Halo: Reach.

‘Halo Reach was a legendary and revolutionary as George Washington’s mission across the Delaware River.’ Kyle Burns has different opinions though, he said ‘I’m not really a fan, I’m not much of a gamer.

Bungie, the game’s developer has announced that Halo: Reach is the last game in the franchise they will be producing as the studio 343 Industries, a Microsoft owned company takes control. Available exclusively for the XBOX 360, Halo: Reach is available now at your favorite retailer. The number of ‘Spartans’ on campus is sure to climb as more copies land in the dorms of those around school who play video games.

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