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Don’t Blame It on the Alcohol, Blame It on Religion

A vast majority of people in America believe in some form of a biblical God, this statement also applies to the rest of the world.

Religion is a very prominent engine of modern society; we use it in order to run entire societies and to construct mindsets as we have done for thousands of years.

The remainders of its power are still present in the everyday world.

Look at the power of the Pope alone: even while facing all the indiscretions committed by the Catholic Church, he still has a pious following of people who look to him as their link to God.

Islam still remains a growing source in the modern world, despite all the controversy it has managed to incur through its more fanatic followers.

However, people’s attitudes toward religion have changed and thus, its power has begun to dwindle in the face of secularism and fancy new age philosophies.

Even people who follow religion have lost the enthusiasm they once had to try and convert.

They ostracize the non-religious as much as they are ostracized by those who are not religious.

Technology is a big reason why religion is losing its power in society; it seems that with the advancement of modern technology people no longer feel the need to communicate with a higher being.

Why should they when they can communicate so proficiently with other people, people who can answer their questions when they ask them, people they can see, feel, talk to and believe in without the elusive ability to have faith?

Why would one believe in a man in the sky who controls the fate of humanity, when we can build rocket ships that go into space?

People’s only use for religion (unless you’re religious, of course) is as a source of blame for the state of the world.

Every day the world around us seems to become worse. More violence, more war, hatred, derision and division.

It isn’t just people who seem to be getting worse and worse, but the world is dying in the face of global warming, pollution and natural disaster.

It is much easier to blame the state of the world on an omniscient being, than to look inward and blame ourselves.

The issue people have with religion these days no longer has anything to do with whether or not they believe in Noah’s ark.

It has more to do with the fact that they believe that religion is the cause of all that is evil in the world.

How often do you hear people blame the state of the world on some religious dogma?

People claim religion is what makes people ignorant, but in truth people make themselves ignorant by not seeking knowledge.

People say religion creates discrimination by allowing people to judge others, when we know we use religion in order to back up our own prejudices.

We use religion to place one man above another, and claim that one kind of person is better than another in the eyes of God.

People say religion restricts life by bringing so many rules and regulations, that it is the dictator of modern society, yet we know we only say this in order to excuse our hedonism and greed.

People say that religion advocates violent behavior in its followers, when in truth people use religion in order to justify their violent behavior toward other people.

In short, religion is not to blame for the world, we are.

All the evil in the modern world has a human source: wars, starvation, rape, racism, poverty, and the destruction of the environment, all of it.

We as a race have caused those things, we fuel those things, and yet we refuse to admit responsibility for them.

Living our lives as we do, striving only for the fulfillment of our own goals, who really wants to take responsibility for the state of the world?

Since we will not fix the world, we have thrown our failure upon religion and crowned God the destroyer of our world, when we in fact have killed all the beauty that was. It is strange that even though we have achieved phenomenal levels of technological development, humanity has never managed to outgrow its outstanding levels of immaturity.

As the new leaders of the world and as students, we should take the failings of humanity off the shoulders of God and religion and mold the world in a more beautiful light.

The first time man fell, he fell on his own.

Even in this second falling, we have fallen on our own.

We cannot expect religion to be taken to slaughter over our own failings anymore.

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8 Comments on Don’t Blame It on the Alcohol, Blame It on Religion

  1. The point of the article has nothing to do with stating whether or not Islam is greater than Christianity or has more followers, that is deeply irrelevant to the article. Clearly you were not focusing well on the subject topic.

    The subject topic was that man should not blame religion for its own failures. It is true that man and religion can not be separated for religion is a creation of man; but just because it is a creation of man doesn’t mean that man should be able to use it as a scape goat. This piece does not aim to defend religion, can’t you see? It aims to make man take responsibility for his actions.

    Exactly, people will always find a way to judge and discriminate against others…they just shouldn’t use religion as a channel through which to judge others.

    I don’t understand what the person meant who said religion was not ‘monolithic’; what does religious totalitarianism have to do with it being used as a scapegoat. If it was, then it wouldn’t be in that position…would it? It doesn’t say anywhere in the article that Islam is monolithic. Using the word monolithic when you don’t know what it means or how it applies to the article is also poor logic.

    Religion is monolithic by the way, it is consistent, orderly and sometimes oppressive…maybe it isn’t meant to be from scripture but it is when practiced by humans who enjoy oppressing each other in the name of religion.

    Danny’s comment was good. 🙂

    Philippa, I loved your article. Interesting viewpoint.


  2. A Questioner // September 24, 2010 at 4:21 pm //

    Islam is not monolithic!

    There are currently more Mulsims than there are Roman Catholics (1.2 billion vs. 1 billion), but you cannot compare a category vs. a sect. There are less Sunni Muslims than Catholics, and far more Ahmadiyya than Amish.

    Treating any religion as a monolithic bloc is poor logic.


  3. I don’t think you can separate the man-made things you cite in this article (wars, starvation, rape, racism, poverty, and the destruction of the environment) and ignore the idea that religion is man-made as well.

    This isn’t some atheist preach or anything, i’m not atheist. But I don’t see how you can separate religion from all of those things. So many of the wars and atrocities committed over thousands of years have been done in the name of some God or Gods. I agree with your general point that we shouldn’t blame religion, but i don’t think man is separate from religion. They kind of go hand in hand.

    One other thing, your article seems to imply that Christianity is larger than Islam, when in reality Islam has MANY more followers than Christianity as Islam is the largest religion in the world.


  4. From Mohnad Mohnad’s point, what is different now? Are atheists implied in the sentences prefaced by “people say”? Does this piece aim to defend religion?

    It’s an unconvincing claim that technology substitutes the desire to communicate with God. Science offers no answers to many of the choices and problems people face on a daily basis.


  5. I completely concur! You write really well.:)

    Love it1


  6. Philippa Hatendi // September 23, 2010 at 5:52 pm //

    Yes, they have had all those things before…but nowadays it seems that people are passing on the responsibility of those things onto religion.

    Do you understand?

    Thank you marissa! 🙂


  7. This was beautifully written. Great job.


  8. You are talking as if they haven’t had any poverty, racism, and wars on the golden ages of religion(s).
    It doesn’t matter if you are religious or not. What matters is tolerance and respecting different beliefs and mindsets.

    I believe, religion or not, people have experienced in the past and are experiencing the same problems you are talking about because people always will find for themselves reasons to judge and discriminate others.

    Thank you


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