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Student Denied Housing, Left Homeless

Rosado details his account of living behind Jaeb Computer Center during the first week of classes. | Josh Napier/ The Minaret

Rosado details his account of living behind Jaeb Computer Center during the first week of classes. | Josh Napier/ The Minaret

TAMPA – At 4:30 a.m. last Wednesday, Campus Security discovered University of Tampa sophomore Enrique Rosado behind the Jaeb Computer Center.

“Well, at first they wanted to arrest me,” said Rosado. “They wanted to call the cops on me for trespassing. They asked me if I was a student. They asked to see my license. They asked to see my student ID.They asked me if I’m in a dorm and they asked me where I stayed. After they had realized that I was literally homeless and that it wasn’t a joke, that’s when they decided to take me back to the security office.”

The UT student was not trespassing. He had been homeless on campus for the previous six days.

He spent his mornings and afternoons at the Macdonald-Kelce Library and slept on the stairway behind Jaeb at night.

After verifying Rosado’s identity, security e-mailed Residence Life about Rosado’s situation and asked what could be done to find housing.

Rosado, 19, first contacted Residence Life during the summer to be on the no-guarantee wait list after missing the deadline for housing placement last spring.

He followed up on housing the week before classes started and was asked to hold off on submitting a housing deposit until he had been approved for housing.

Rosado’s efforts to secure a room on campus were denied after several attempts to notify Residence Life.

Rosado said he spoke with Elena Franqui, Residence Life Staff Assistant, about his living situation and asked if he could move into a room at the Howard Johnson.

Rosado stated that Franqui told him there were no more rooms available and that he would have to wait until the end of the week for an e-mail letting him know of any room vacancies.

“She pretty much said ‘stay out on the street until you get an e-mail saying you got housing,’” said Rosado.

Franqui did make an attempt to provide Rosado with housing alternatives.

“She tried to give me numbers to go to homeless shelters, but none of them were in the area,” said Rosado.

Rosado later found out that the “homeless shelters” were actually agencies that helped individuals and families locate low-income housing. Rosado contacted the agencies, but ultimately did not have the funds separate from his student funds to secure off-campus housing.

It had been almost a week that Rosado lived on his own, without housing and without a meal plan. Rosado managed to shower at the Bob Martinez Sports Center during his time living around campus.

Since Rosado’s meal plan was not active, he ate when he could afford to buy a meal.

According to Rosado, it was only after Residence Life learned a story was set to run in The Minaret that Rosado secured a room in the Howard Johnson.

Rosado received a call around 10 a.m. last Wednesday from Residence Life, notifying him of a room available in the Howard Johnson.

“I’m upset that something like that had to happen, especially with knowing the procedures. It just shocked me that they couldn’t just put me in the Howard Johnson like they would anybody else,” said Rosado.

The office of Residence Life declined to comment after repeated interview requests made within the past week.

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  1. A Freshman at UT // February 3, 2011 at 9:16 pm //

    This is hilarious, what a loser!


  2. I sympathize with the student’s financial situation, but if you cannot afford a simple housing deposit, why are you attending a $30k a year private school?


  3. I agree with Kel T., well said.


  4. The Minaret always writes one sided stories. If people would just follow instructions, take responsibility for their mistakes, this world would be a much better place.


  5. Tiffany Swanson // September 22, 2010 at 1:29 am //

    I’m curious. When I worked in reslife,I did have a soft spot for all UT newbies.many of them didn’t know their from their noses…heck,I was the same….but that is why I read everything that was mailed to me,I called people over the summer to make sure everything was set.I made sure that I somewhere to stay.I made sure I did everything on time. I’ve never been homeless,but I know how it feels to be evicted and separated from ur family. I know how it feels to live in a real shack throughout most of ur life.I know how it feels to be shot at,live through the murders of most of the ppl in ur neighborhood.I came to UT with no money…one semester I had 4 jobs. I know what it feels like to struggle and wanna give up but the fire u have burning inside u just won’t let you. I started off on a real bad foot with leave nasty notes on the door for krystal after office hours…I’m so sure that the entire office hated my guts…but they still helped me out.I owe reslife my life and everything I have.there were so many times that I cried abt not being able to afford housing and they were always there for me doing whatever they cud for me…even all the times they couldn’t do anything,they wud say something that wud help me. Reslife is not perfect… they never will be… and you and me and anyone else though.I agree with Jamal. Deadlines are put in place for a reason. If there were no deadlines, then ppl wud submit money whenever they felt like it. I just am glad though that you can focus on the fact that ur ok now. It takes a real man to let go of grudges and whatnot so I take my hat off to u,for sure.
    My heart sinks when I think of you sleeping outside though….it brings genuine tears to my eyes because it shouldn’t have had to come to that and I’m sorry for your misfortune. But consider it as a life lesson learned.


  6. Tiffany Swanson // September 22, 2010 at 1:05 am //

    Mr. Rosado,were u new to UT as of this summer? A new transfer…or is this your second year at UT?


  7. I agree with Jamal W. The young man missed the deadline initially which did not guarantee him housing, but i believe the office of ResLife could have and should have done more to help him sustain suitable housing. Though he made a small mistake like most freshman do he still made the effort to attend classes regularly and keep up with personal hygiene. This was a lesson he learned about deadlines that will positively effect him through his adult life in getting things done on time. Also this will also shine light on the efforts and purpose of ResLife and why they have the jobs that they have. Their purpose is to make sure that students have a dwelling as well as many other things, that is what they get paid to do. I wish the young man the best of luck with this school year. Do your best Enrique!


  8. Jamal Wilburg // September 15, 2010 at 3:52 pm //

    UT Alumni – Just because we went to school together doesn’t mean you know me. In your accusation of me placing judgement on another man in turn was you placing judgement on me. If you feel I am an utter disgrace that is an opinion you are entitled to. Also, if you have something to say about me as a person then don’t hide behind UT Alumni put your name on it like an adult. I have never forgotten where it is that I have come from. This is exactly why I mention ROTC because if not for that program I would never have been able to afford a single class at UT. Everything in school that I had either was covered by scholarship or through me working.

    Also, what does race have to do with anything in this siuation? Yes I am an EDUCATED black man. What does the past treatment of blacks in America have to do with this? Should I be typing this is a black panther shirt on with a malcolm x hat with my fist in the air?

    If you want to make this about me we can just put your name on it next time. E-thugging isn’t cool.

    God Bless.


  9. This story is unsurprising altogether. Unfortunately, it took the humilation and emarassment of one student (Rosado), to show what is really going on in the Office of Residence Life.

    Going to class, giving your 100%, and wanting to create a better life for yourself, is tough. But to have to do all of that, and in a “homeless” state, is a whole other facet.

    As an alumni of The University of Tampa, and a student whose family was more than 1,000 miles away, with no near help (in case of an emergency – such as this one), there is only so much Rosado could have done for himself. Thankfully, he had the correct mind/mental state and continued on with his classes for that week (I commend you on that. Most people at that point would simply give up).

    The Office of Residence Life lives by a Mission Statement. Every member of that office is expected to uphold it and to its highest standard. The Office of Residence did not do everything in their power to make sure this young man had a safe, comfortable, affordable and stimulating living environment (1st sentence of the Mission Statement of the Office of Residence Life). He was told NOT to give a deposit, until he was given (guaranteed) a room.

    We are in a terrible economic state right now. Many people are losing jobs, kids and their families cannot afford to let the child go to college, and providing shelter, food, and clothes for a family is becoming a nightmare to many people. Rosado is a young man, hard working, pays for his things out of his own pocket, and wants to do the right thing in life by obtaining an education. For the mere fact that Rosado WANTS an education, should be commendation. And for a school that charges $30,000+ a year to attend their institution, should have given this young man some help. One day is not sufficient for the young gentleman to obtain the necessary funds.

    As an alumni of UT and working adult, living on my own in an apartment, I know from experience, that if I had the slightest bit of trouble paying my rent on time, that my landlord would give an extension and try to help in any way she could. I understand that Residence Life is busy, especially during rhe 1st few weeks of classes, but to merely suggest “shelters or alternative housing” to students, is unacceptable. This should never have occured. Residence Life should have spent an extra few minutes on Rosado’s issue and worked something out. And something could have been worked out, instead of just shuffled off to the side and put out of sight.

    It is a shame The University of Tampa had to have this spotlight put on them for something that could have been avoided altogether. The University has so many wonderful things to boast about, but instead, it is trying to manage and damage control this situation before them.

    I am happy to hear Rosado now has a place to live, food to eat, and clean clothes on his back. You can attend classes as normal, and obtain the highest grades you can. Best of luck to you in your future educational endeavors and may you be a guidance to everyone who has a problem worth sharing and fighting for.

    Sidenote to Jamal Wilburg: You are an utter disgrace. I’ve went to school with you for years, and I cannot believe what I am hearing coming out of your mouth. As a black man, you should be thankful to be where you are today. As an EDUCATED black man, with a degree, and a job. Not so long ago, our people were in a situation far worse than what this man had to go through. We were looked down upon, kicked, and never helped up. As a UT Alumni and a ROTC member, you should know that you ALWAYS help someone up, never kick them down. Personal responsibility is one thing, but sheer neglect from the Office of Residence Life is another. Not everyone can do the ROTC program, not everyone has money given to them from their parents, and not everyone is afforded grant or scholarship money. That does not mean they should throw away their hopes for an education. Stop, put yourself in someone elses shoes, and think about the other people out there, who are struggling everyday and are trying their best to do the right thing. Go to church and thank God for all that you have, and ask for forgiveness, for you passed judgement on another man.


  10. CoolerHeadsPrevail sounds to me like Elena or Crystal trying to cover their mistakes. Do not place blame on the student or “missing” pieces to the article. There is no excuse whatsoever, it is UT’S FAULT.


  11. @CoolerHeadsPrevail

    I understand what you are saying however I am a UT Alumni and know over a handful of students who have experienced this same situation, however, they were not transfer students and luckily lived in friend’s dorm rooms on their couch. You need to realize that UT has accepted WAY TOO MANY new students, there is NO parking, classes are constantly overloaded, and there is no living space. This is a problem UT has been aware of for the past FIVE years. It’s just the fact that now someone was brave enough to write about it and it made its way to CNN. So now UT acts like they have never heard of such a problem.

    There is no excuse for this other than the fact the school is money hungry and accepts more students than it is capable of handling. The last thing to question is where the kid kept his clothes. We should be questioning why the school did not do more!


  12. CoolerHeadsPrevail // September 14, 2010 at 3:10 pm //

    It is truly sad that Mr. Rosado needed to stay outside when he arrived on campus. But, as I’ve always been cautioned, try not to pass judgment until you know ALL of the facts. I do want to point out one overlooked fact stated in this story. Everyone has been outraged by the fact that the student was referred to a “homeless shelter”. If you read past that point in the story, it states that Mr. Rosado thought he was being referred to homeless shelters, BUT, “were actually agencies that helped individuals and families locate low-income housing.” Obviously, there are many unanswered questions about this story.

    1. When the university accepts a student but does not receive a housing deposit, they presume that the student has found housing elsewhere. It has been my experience that universities send plenty of email reminders to get housing deposits in on time if students expect to live on campus.

    2. If Mr.Rosado did get the reminders, but was unable to pay the deposit, he needed to continue to contact the university to explain his situation. Res Life is only responsible for getting housing for students whose deposits have been received. It is not their responsibility to provide students with Financial Aid. However, they SHOULD point the student to the Financial Aid office.

    3. Mr. Rosado stated that he had Financial Aid to cover his room and board, so he probably should have taken his situation to Financial Aid, especially over the summer, when there would be more time to sort things out. Trying to get anything done in any office, at any university during the first week of class is going to be difficult, at best. There are literally hundreds of students trying to get their own situations straightened out at the same time.

    4. The story states that Mr. Rosado wore the same clothes to school everyday. He also commented that he rode a bus for many hours on Sunday so that he could arrive on time for his classes Monday morning. How does a student, arriving on campus from outside the Tampa area to study for a full semester only come with the clothes on his back? Shouldn’t he have at least a bag with some changes of clothing? Did he come to Tampa with only a book bag? If he brought more with him than his book bag, where was he storing his things?

    I am very glad that Mr. Rosado is now settled into a room and is able to get on with his studies. I do, however, hope that ALL of the facts of this story do eventually come out.


  13. Junior at UT // September 13, 2010 at 4:17 pm //

    There are over 9,556 men, women and children homeless in Hillsborough County on any given night. There are only 1,500 emergency shelters and beds in the county. Ergo, over 8,000 people will sleep on the streets every day. What does this mean? Providing a student with a list of homeless shelters will show the student where to put his name on a list and wait a week (or more) to gain access to shelter. Any university is a wealth of knowledge and resources and this should never have happened. I suppose that his other option would have been to skip this semester? Maybe he could have done more to help himself, but the staff should have at least shown him how.


  14. stadium girlsss // September 12, 2010 at 4:59 pm //

    you should have come around stadium more often we would have loved for you to stay in are room…maddddd cute 😉


  15. henry fu vaughn // September 11, 2010 at 2:14 am //

    Really the poor kid he had no home and you had no heart to give him a home. He;s paying $30,000 a year and you couldn’t find him a home until the reporters went to the Minaret. There are a lot of holes in this story that need to be developed. Obviously UT has a great deal of problems that need to be researched. GET WITH IT. Kids are sleeping homeless on campus sleeping homeless showering in the gym, with no where to eat. Wearing the same outfit to class everyday trying to get an education when the Administration is putting it in his behind. UT has the worst system of anything. The administration is god awful at UT. All the students here look past if the only recruitment is the students. if Vaughn doesn’t realize that and not build god damn stupid chapels and not a bigger gym hes out of his mind. Regardless of how you feel UT thinks of you, they are helpless. They are all about revenue and no HELP. Keep building chapels and go FUCK YOUR SELF.


  16. The student either made a mistake or was financially unable to make the payment. ResLife has two options: 1) try to help him and give him one of the open rooms or 2) ignore him. They chose the latter, unfortunately. ResLife has a history of doing the least amount of work possible, and they got caught doing too little this time.

    I think the most telling sign in this saga is that after The Minaret made an inquisition, a room magically opened up in the HoJo. If anyone at the university is actually investigating this and has access to ResLife records (i.e. not what The Minaret would be able to do), they will be able to see if someone moved out/was kicked out the day Mr. Rosado was given housing. If not, then it’s pretty clear who’s at fault here.


  17. Wish I would have known of your situation. We have a spare room you could have used.


  18. Ummm Reason, faculty are the ones that teach classes. They had nothing to do with this. And Rosado, I understand where you are coming from. However, you can’t place all the blame on the ResLife staff. No matter what, I would have made someone listen to me if I were paying that much money. I hear what you say about Elena, but even if that is the case, there are tons of compontent and compassionate people that work/care for the students in ResLife. I didn’t have a lot of money at UT, however I still made sure that my housing was taken care of well before I got to school. Just don’t let this damage your view of the school. UT is a GREAT place to be! And the people there really do care about you. I am so glad to be an alumni, like you will be oneday soon. Hopefully, you can put this behind you and focus on your classes and meeting new friends (which you will). Best of luck with the rest of the semester!


  19. I was referring to Elizabeth in particular in my earlier post. Seems like the real priblem here is the faculty:/


  20. There is no excuse for what happened. I am glad you had the nerve to say anything about this article ERosado. A lot of people have no idea what money is worth because mommy and daddy pay their way. They have never had to count their change to make sure they have a meal or deal with being harassed by this school for not having things in on time when you are trying your best to make ends meet. ResLife messed up and did not accommodate a student when they should have. THERE IS NO EXCUSE FOR RESLIFE. If you go to UT and don’t have a lot of money you will be overlooked and that is a very sad thing to me. When you honestly can’t make the payment they need to give more than a day. I think you did your best with what you had. That’s all be can really do. So those of you that have judgments I think it would be best if you kept them to yourselves. Life is not easy for everyone. Some of us work hard and have to do it alone. In fact that makes the rest of you who don’t do that the lazy ones. Peace.


  21. Jamal Wilburg // September 10, 2010 at 4:53 pm //

    Never once did I say I was above anyone. Its an unfortunate situation but this happens. I know numerous people that couldn’t afford to stay at UT and transferred to other schools or took semesters off. All that I was saying is that if paying the deposit was an issue perhaps he should look at ROTC or other programs that will assist with school costs. That was the only way I was able to attend UT. I am glad things worked out for him in the end and wish him luck.


  22. Okay, let me answer a couple questions to those of you that are accusing me without knowing the situation. I do not have any money. Anything that I had to pay for as far as college goes has come out of my pocket. Not friends or family. Last semester, I asked if I could have an extension to pay my housing deposit or if I could have some kind of assistance…Elena gave me one extra day to pay it. I told them I wouldn’t have the money on time so they pretty much just told me I was to be put on the no Guarantee wait list. Also, I didn’t pay my deposit over the summer because Elena told me to not pay for the deposit until I was guaranteed for housing. My financial aid pays for room and bored so regardless of the lousy $200 deposit, I still paid the extra $4000 for a room and meal plan that I didn’t receive until this article came out. My friends and family are all in NY, and Ft. Myers. I had to ride on a bus for hours on sunday night just to make sure I got to school on time for monday. I am a transfer student so it’s not like I had any friends at UT I could stay with. I did ask for help and everyone directed me to res life and they obviously weren’t doing much for me. I asked Elena if I could speak to somebody and she said that there was nothing that anyone could do for me. You can point fingers all you want and put the blame on me. I don’t care. What you don’t know is that I am NOT the only student this happened to. Another student was going through the same thing and rather than “stick it out” as they told me to do, he chose to withdraw. Unfortunately, I am the only one who has paid for anything as far as college goes and theres some things I just couldn’t afford. Of course if you are rich or you have mommy and daddy pay everything for you then you won’t have any issues with res life. Not everyone is fortunate enough to come from wealth. Rather than just judge me… why don’t you try to get the facts to the story first. I wasn’t lazy… I did everything that I needed to do on my end and every time I asked for help, it came down to whether or not I could afford it. I was turned away each time. You don’t know my life so don’t assume or criticize.


  23. Damnnnnn. Rosado is the dude living bear Grylls status. Someone should make a movie about his experiences living as a homeless man on campus.


  24. @ Jamal Wilburg // September 10, 2010 at 4:03 pm //

    “…sounds to me like the students that paid their deposits on time all had rooms and people are using this article to vent personal feelings about university staff rather than focus on real issues at hand.”

    Reslife and rude staff are the REAL issue. They could have done more to help him. God forbid anyone ever wants to do MORE. Obviously if they could get him in the HoJo when they realized how much shit they were going to have to eat after this article was posted they could have done it a week earlier.
    He obviously knows about “personal responsibility” if he is trying to get a higher education and willing to sleep behind stairs to get it. Maybe he didn’t have the funds to pay his housing on time, He couldn’t even afford to eat, think about that before you start talking like you are above people.


  25. There is such a thing as personal responsibility. He missed the deadline for housing and thus wasn’t guaranteed to have a dorm room for the fall. This is a part of life ladies and gentlemen. There are no participation ribbons in the game of life. In the real world if you do not pay rent to your landlord on time you do not have a place to live. He is an adult and faces consequences as a result of the decisions that he made. It is unfortunate that he was sleeping on the steps of a computer lab but why didn’t he sleep inside the computer lab? Perhaps he would’ve been noticed in a shorter period of time than the apparent six days it took security’s patrols to see him. That’s the only part of this story that concerns me. The thought that someone could potentially be lurking on campus and wouldn’t be noticed until the 6th night is a real issue. I do not know this student and feel bad for anyone sleeping on the concrete steps while pursuing a college degree. However, he would not have been in this situation had he done what he needed to do when he needed to do it. This isn’t a Reslife issue, sounds to me like the students that paid their deposits on time all had rooms and people are using this article to vent personal feelings about university staff rather than focus on real issues at hand. In my four years at UT I was never homeless. I also never submitted my housing paperwork late. Coincidence, I think not…

    Jamal Wilburg
    Class of 2006


  26. Dude this is the most retarded thing in the world, we pay A LOT to come to this school and these assholes didnt give this guy housing?! of course they didnt wana comment those douchebags from reslife…this is gay


  27. I can not express how furious I am with this situation. I have dealt with Elena countless times and she is incompetent at doing her job. She gets pure satisfaction on turning students away and not giving them any help at all. Her job is to make sure these students are pleased with their on campus housing and she is making many students miserable. Asking her the simplest questions turns into a calculus problem. The administration needs to wake up and realize she can not do this job effectively. It is a disgrace to the University and the surrounding community. A homeless shelter that makes me sick. Especially since there is definitely one unoccupied room in the Howard Johnson Hotel. Words can not describe how irritated this makes me and I wish to see Elena removed from her position asap. Something must be done. I will gladly be the first one to sign the petition in hoping this issue will be resolved.


  28. This story has a lot of unanswered questions!!!!

    Where was the students clothes… etc!!!
    Where is he from and how did he get to UT?
    What year is he in?
    Why did he miss the deadline?
    Does he have any family or friends in the area?
    Why didnt he go above Elena if he felt his situation was handled incorrectly?

    By no mean do I feel that Reslife isnt to blame, but i think both parties share the responsiblity in this case.


  29. Finally some reason on this thread. I was wondering if UT was actually educating the rest of the people making these comments:/


  30. Quincy Jenkins // September 10, 2010 at 2:26 pm //

    He is partly to blame, sorry. ResLife was excellent when I went to UT.


  31. This is unfortunate, however there are deadlines and part of the college experience is knowing what not to slack off on! Housing deadline being one of them. My question if he didn’t have housing why did he go to school, where are his friends, family etc. This is not just on Residence Life. As an adult it was and is his responsibility to plan better!


  32. UT Alum 09' // September 10, 2010 at 2:01 pm //

    We all understand that there are rules and regulations to uphold however in a situation like this you can exercise your discretion on the matter. This student should not have had to deal with this! Shame on you Elena Franqui and Reslife!! This is not the first time students have had to suffer for the poor judgment, utter rudeness and unprofessionalism of this department. I expect some disciplinary action to be administered! Thank you to the Minaret for bringing this story to light.


  33. Why am I NOT surprised by this article? Oh yes! That’s because I have dealt with this incompetent Elena for four years. Yes! There are policies to follow but to provide a student who’s paying to attend “homeless shelters” numbers is what got me! As many of you already know Reslife consists of a very unprofessional staff who gossips more than actually gets work done. Not dealing with them is something I greatly enjoy since I have graduated. UT on a whole is not a bad school…the staff(not so good)


  34. Disappointed // September 10, 2010 at 12:05 pm //

    I find it ironic that we are building the “Sykes Chapel and Center for Faith and Values” in the center of the campus and associted with this chapel will most likely be the VALUES of charity, kindness, humility, community, goodness, understanding, etc. Where were these values when this situation happened? Aren’t the faculty and staff on the campus supposed to set examples for us?

    I understand that the university has policies, rules and deadlines in order to get work done on time and to be fair to all students. However, sometimes there are situations that call for us to look into ourselves and make decisions based on what’s really right, not what’s easy. I would hate to think that Reslife decided not to help this student because of a rule book, the fear of repercussions of the administration, or a reputation to uphold. A kind and prompt act in this situation would have made the university glow in the eyes of the public. Instead CNN and ABC news have picked up this story and the university has a huge PR issue on their hands. How disappointing UT, Shame on you Elena Franqui and Reslife, and how ironic it is that we are building a center of faith and values at the heart of campus.


  35. OUTRAGED!!! // September 10, 2010 at 11:35 am //

    You know whats baffling to me, its that at 12:00pm today a list will be posted outside of Reslife stating the vacancies on campus for any student that wishes to change rooms after the 3 week period so CLEARLY this list was available for students to chose from before. SERIOUSLY UT GET IT TOGETHER!!!! President Vaughn I hope your paying attention


  36. Though this story COMPLETELY DISGUST me it doesnt surprise me either. Sad to say, but i worked with ResLife for three years and the reason why i quit was because they are all full of themselves, carry themselves with thick attitudes and honestly, could really careless about the student body’s well being.

    I do have to say, there are a few ResLife workers that truly do their job and are highly respected. For those, like Ciarra, thank you for doing your job title and contributing to our University and for making it a better place. Ciarra not only does her job but also has one of the best personalities i have ever met. She also contributes to the students through teaching dance classes at McNiff. So Ciarra, keep up the good work!

    Ok lets get serious, Elena or aka “Lena” needs to grow up and learn some respect for others. She ALWAYS PLAYS A POWER TRIP ON STUDENT AND ANSWERS IN QUICK ONE-WORDED SENTENCES. She is the most disrespectful person ive ever had an encounter with. Ive heard her for three years talk down on students and mock them when they were confused about policies or even simple questions. She needs to be fired BECAUSE she ALWAYS TALKS BAD ABOUT STUDENTS BEHIND THEIR BACKS, she does nothing to contribute to the well-being of students and this story proves it. Lena is not only very unprofessional but also is a very negative person who i honestly believes she needs therapy to work out some of her anger issues.

    Though what Rosado had to go through is beyond terrible and makes me sick, I also have to give ResLife a little slack here. Reslife is a small office that takes care of 6,000+ students. I believe if there were more office workers appointed to working with students for housing this problem would not have happened. If our school is going to allow so many new freshmen in every year we need to increase the number of ResLife Office workers!!!! Unfortunately, Rosado did not pay his housing deposit therefore it wasnt ResLifes responsibility to find him housing. HOWEVER, he was mature and responsible enough to contact housing prior the school year to figure out his housing.

    Rosado, i am so so so so very sorry for what you had to go through. It takes a very strong person to go through what you did but thanks to you we all will soon see a change in ResLife (well we can at least hope so….we all know how ResLife plays their tricks and always seems to get out of things). As a fellow student, i have high respect for you and hope you are now situated and comfortable in your new living arrangements. I really wish you to not be embarrassed but rather feel like a hero to all us. I commend your hardships and self dignity…also now all of us students can now hate (bs) ResLife even more.

    i hope this situation opens the eyes of the top people (like President Vaughn) in charge of UT. This SITUATION SHOULD HAVE NEVER HAD HAPPEN and hopefully it will never happen again.


  37. @Elena Franqui // September 10, 2010 at 9:41 am //

    I can’t believe Elena Franqui is laughing. You need to be seriously uncaring to find any humor in this matter. Is she 12? Lol? Come on Ms. franqui let’s grow up a bit and offer an apology if for no other reason then a student was homeless and he recognizes you as part of the process. I hope the students seriously petition your removal from campus. You do not deserve a job where you’re suppose to help students. I hope the Dean reads all of these comments and realizes how truly hurt many students are and I hope he addresses the situation. And Ms. Franqui, the only thing you should be laughing at is….hm nope actually I can’t think of one good reason for you to laugh, sorry.


  38. John Stevens // September 10, 2010 at 6:34 am //

    My God, this seems so un-enlightened from educated people. I admire the student’s fortitude and willingness to stick to it. It is a reminder to pay attention to those around us who are suffering needlessly. Perhaps the dean might take this young man out to a really nice dinner? Certainly deserves it!!!


  39. Angelica c. // September 10, 2010 at 1:42 am //

    I admire Rosado so much for going through that rough time and fighting to be at UT. Obviously he did it for a reason and for someone to call him lazy is pathetic.

    This school does nothing to accommodate its struggling students (and yes I mean students whose parents cant take out thousands in loans a year). I cant tell you how many people I spoke to (including reslife who cant even do a follow up phone call) for help on living expenses… The ones that I was told I would relieve, until weeks before classes started of course.

    Something needs to be done….. obviously.
    Maybe this story will open some eyes.


  40. she is such a bitch..i hate that women..and our school doesn’t care about students..its all about the money when it comes down to it. This clearly shows.


  41. wow that is serious bullshit for res life to do that to a student. i am so glad i dont have to deal with someone like Elena Franqui. To even think that she would recommend a homeless shelter to a student is disgraceful. She is a cold heartless bitch and deserves to live out on the street for at least a week. As for you Mr. Rosado I am glad you finally have housing and are attending school still. I hope this never happens to anyone else. Res Life wont even comment on the situation. Real mature. Btw Elena maybe getting fired wouldnt make you laugh at this you fucking bitch


  42. I have my own beefs with UT, believe me I could write my own article. Since I have been at UT they have been unaccommodating, PROMISED money I am not receiving, and failed to mention the astronomical fees I am being charged each semester during my initial interview. There’s more…like I said ,I have my own beefs. However, upon reading about this young man, it broke my heart to hear he had no place to live and they did little to help least of all provide him with a meal card so he could eat. REALLY??? With as much money as they make from students they couldn’t even throw him a meal card? Let alone the lack of concern for where he was supposed to live. For Shame! I came to UT from a college that had a support program for both male and female students that provided book lending, clothing, toiletries, small personal loans and more scholarships than I can count. If a student was in need, staff went above and beyond to do what they could to help that student. I feel that is what UT lacks, a student support group such as the one from where I came. Not everyone that goes here is loaded and times are tough for us all. Had that college had my program , my ass would have stayed there. I am a single parent and I don’t have much but if I would have known about Enrique, I would have offered to give him a couch to sleep on, a ride to school and food to eat. Hang in there Enrique!


  43. A UT student // September 9, 2010 at 9:33 pm //

    Not much they can do if all the rooms are filled, not the greatest situation nor am I a fan of reslife, but you have to do some kind of preparation if its a month before school and you still don’t have an answer about housing from reslife.


  44. UT Alumnus // September 9, 2010 at 7:58 pm //

    @ Elena Franqui,

    This would be no laughing matter if your job or even the jobs of some of your staff were on the line. It is understood that if a student is unable to meet the deadline to submit his or her housing deposit, he or she cannot be guaranteed housing for the upcoming semester. The question to you, Ms. Franqui, is this: Did you do ALL you possibly could within your power – and with sincere dedication to your job – to ensure that this student found suitable and adequate housing, without having to resort to looking for a HOMELESS shelter to live? Did you seriously think that this type of environment would be condusive to his studies?

    UT is in dire need of employees that are more receptive to students’ needs. I’m not speaking of miracle workers, but of persons who will go above and beyond the call of duty to facilitate the NEEDS of students. I’m proud to say that I’ve had the priviledge to have met quite a few of them! Remember, Faculty and Staff: there are many other top-notch, research-based universities that provide world-class education in the state of Florida. UT is only ONE of them!


  45. This school really is not that bad and campus wise its better than most. However reslife is always a challenge, not the best run organization and the people really aren’t that helpful.


  46. ResLife has sucked dick for years. Get those broads out.


  47. Everybody,

    I have created a petition for administration to investigate and punish the Residential Life Staff responsible for the above events. Visit the following link and sign the petition:

    Once we have enough signatures we will present it to President Vaughn.


  48. Another UT student // September 9, 2010 at 6:28 pm //

    UT obviously has a new plan this year to stuff as many kids into the school and overwhelm the small campus feel, now it’s a completely packed campus and you can’t even get around! Also the church that was supposed to be done way before school started is also making it a nuisance to get around campus!

    This semester I had to overload into 5 of my 5 classes and didn’t even get into the ones I really needed and now am on the fringe of not graduating on time because of their carelessness to make sure seniors get into the right classes! I have heard of multiple kids not even being able to go to any of the first week classes because they had to overload into every class and this is Seniors!!!

    UT needs to step it up this year and help out the students and not harass kids for their payments, some people are gig through hard times and have been at the school for 4 years give it a break UT you guys are getting out of line and this just tops it off , thanks for a great senior year that is filled with stress and chaos!!!


  49. To "Let's be Honest" // September 9, 2010 at 5:40 pm //

    When you are put on the No-Guarantee wait-list, that does not mean you are not going to get any kind of housing. It means there is no guarantee that you will end up in ON-CAMPUS housing. The Howard Johnson is off campus. The no-guarantee list means you will be placed in the HoJo until something on campus opens up. And obviously if the student was homeless, it means he didn’t have the proper funds. It has nothing to do with being lazy, maybe he just couldn’t afford the deposit. If he were lazy, I doubt he would have sacrificed all he did just to attend school. He honestly didn’t seem bothered by his situation at all. Though it was probably a struggle for him, he just wanted to go to class. Plus, when you are on the no-guarantee wait list you don’t pay a deposit until you are given a dorm. Your ignorance is hurtful. Learn the facts before you start insulting. And as for asking to stay with friends, that still wouldn’t change the fact that he had nothing to wear, no supplies, no bed to sleep in… Nothing at all. His courage and dedication to this school is admirable.


  50. To the Let’s be Honest comment:
    So he is a lazy person… okay lazy would be NOT trying to get a good education. You should be ashamed of yourself. Check yourself friend. Not everyone wants to burden their friends and some people don’t make more than acquaintances while at school. Your judgment is harsh and uncalled for. I am almost positive you lack the life experience to make such a comment.


  51. Let's Be Honest // September 9, 2010 at 5:02 pm //

    Although Reslife has it’s issues, this kid showed NO initiative. Was he a part of this community for a full year and he had no friends he could even stay the night with?

    Also, he did not pay his housing deposit on time AND it said he was on the NO GUARANTEE wait list which to me means only thing, his housing wasn’t guaranteed.

    Thank you to the Minaret for searching out juicy stories but in all honesty, this kid seems kinda lazy and has absolutely no initiative:/ Find me something better please with someone who actually get’s shafted, not this kid:/


  52. UT Student // September 9, 2010 at 5:00 pm //

    Residence Life,

    Whenever you have a doubt, whenever it crosses your mind that an action you’re taking is detrimental to someone else, just take a look at the mission statement and ask yourself, are my actions based on this “belief”?

    Mission Statement of Residence Life:
    The Office of Residence Life is dedicated to providing students with a safe, comfortable, affordable and stimulating living environment. Residents can explore value structures, personal responsibility, interpersonal relationships, and community development and awareness. Students are offered opportunities to interact with faculty, staff and peers in order to promote well-rounded, holistic development on an individual and community basis.

    I really think you sort of forgot that first line when dealing with Enrique Rosado. Maybe the staff members of Residence Life should have a weeks’ worth of training on living by the statement of community, among other things; furthermore, a little one-on-one with Elena about interpersonal skills.


  53. thank you UT. // September 9, 2010 at 3:44 pm //

    This story is not surprising at all. anyone who has walked into the reslife office can understand the complete disrespect and rudeness that these women portray to students. Any time I have tried to go there for some help, i was immediately barked at by a trowl like creature directing me to the online database. Dear Ma’am it is your job and responsibility to help students when they come to your office. Don’t like it? QUIT and save someone the trouble of firing your lazy behind. Obviously i wouldnt have taken the time out of my day to come and meet with any of you if i could have figured it out alone online. TRUST ME you are not appeal or pleasant. if i could do it online i already would have. I also dont think that the problem stops in reslife. I’m curious to know how many of you out there have been infuriated by the redirecting of offices in academic advising the registrars financial aid and the bursars? i do not understand where thousands of my dollars are being used?

    As for you mr rosado, im sorry this happened to you and Im happy to hear that you now have a place to live for the year. its unfortunate that this type of event was necessary in order to produce results.


  54. I have to admit, it was a very humiliating experience for me to have to spend nights out on the streets of Tampa and then show up to class for almost a week wearing the same clothes. I don’t hold a grudge against them though. My main focus was to attend school regardless of my situation and I did. Though they definitely could have handled my situation better, I finally am staying at the HOJO and still attending school and that is what is important. I just hope that this doesn’t happen to any other students .Last Semester I paid over $700 worth of dorm deposits because they kept losing my payments and once again, when I arrived, they had no housing for me. That time they at least put me in the HoJo then stuck me in a McKay Triple the next day but I had to wait 2 months for them to pay me back for the 3 deposits I had to pay after they realized they did receive my deposit on time. Res Life is very unorganized, the workers are rude, and I am almost certain this will be my last semester at UT. The school isn’t worth half the tuition they make us pay.


  55. First of all thank you Minaret for letting us know what’s going on. These are the stories that students need to know about and they need to start acting upon them!

    Second of all this story is absolutely crazy. My heart goes out to Enrique Rosado. As an alumni I’ve never been more ashamed of UT (and believe there have been plenty of issues to piss me off)!

    Congrats Ron Von you’ve done it again… you’ve neglected the well being of your students, while raising tuition prices and accepting an even larger overcrowded freshman class.


  56. Wow this school is such a disgrace its unbelieveable. All they care about is pulling in more money, putting in pointless chapels that oh still isnt done yet btw… whatd you guys hire just one guy to work on that job? And now theres a housing situation where reslife leaves a kid out on the street for almost a week that is completely unacceptable. This school could be so much better than it is if they actually hired a staff that knew how to run a school effectively. Instead of having meetings where its basically like how much money can we waste on pointless stuff this year or lets send everyone emails saying how great everything is and at the end put oh and btw tuition went up sorry oh and another thing lets charge you for printing paper now sorry im so glad its my last year here. who knows what else theyll come up with in the future haha.


  57. this school is a disgrace. they are so money hungry and do not actually care for the students’ needs. i am definitely transferring out.. so glad i pay $30,000 a year for them to treat a student so poorly.. its bullshit.


  58. I agree with Matthew, we definitely need to petition a change at ResLife and I will be the first one to sign that petition. What they did to Rosado is completely unacceptable, the poor guy was humiliated and he suffered due to ResLife’s inabilities.


  59. along with the residence life office being the most poorly managed office on campus, it also consists of some of the rudest employees. It is your JOB. Stop giving the students attitudes when they come in with a question. With the amount of money we all pay to go to this school, they really need some change. I could go on and on but it would be taking away from this article. It is disgusting that Reslife would even call a homeless shelter. The Howard Johnson is a HOTEL. Obviously it has available rooms, considering no one really ever stays there anyway.


  60. Off Campus and Loving It // September 9, 2010 at 12:41 pm //

    I’ve had to deal with Elena Franqui several times. She seems to think that her job entails two things: denying people any form of assistance, and sending them on a goose chase through pointless beaurocracy to get ANYTHING done. I have a ton of sympathy for you, Enrique. I hope the rest of your time at UT is better!


  61. I’ve had to deal with Elena Franqui severaly times. She seems to be under the impression that her job is to deny people any assistance whatsoever, or send them on a goose chase through pointless beaurocracy before they are allowed to do anything. She also treats everyone like an idiot. So I sympathize with you, Enrique. I hope the rest of your time at UT is much better!


  62. A situation like this is absolutely unforgivable. The University should be absolutely ashamed of themselves and their staff at ResLife.
    I have no pull or authority but on behalf of UT, I’d like to apologize to Mr. Rosado. I’m sorry that this school is indifferent to its own negligence and that you had to go through this ordeal.

    I, for one, am ashamed to call myself a spartan.


  63. This is a horrible story. I live off campus and haven’t really had any experience with ResLife, but I think they could have arranged something for him when they knew he had no place to go. They have to have some form of resource other than homeless shelters. Do they not know how to be hospitable to their customers…because that’s what we are. If this private institution is a business, we are their high paying customers and every one of us should be satisfied. Although, I do imagine that there are rules ResLife follows to make things fair for everyone, and the boy did miss the registration for housing…but I’m sure they could have done something. And just so everyone knows…if you have a verified financial aid return coming to you…the Bursars’ office can cut you an early check in cases of emergency. I’m sure if Mr. Rosado was desperate, he could have figured something out or caused a scene to get something done. Trust me, I’ve shed some tears to some department heads in order to make things more comfortable for myself. If I was sleeping in stairwell, I don’t think I would have let someone put my name in the paper. I’m sorry for you, Enrique…hang in there…life only gets more difficult as you age.


  64. I agree with you Matthew, a petition for change is needed. Where as firing is completely agreeable with those involved in ResLife, those who had no direct involvement should be required to go through some serious training.


  65. Elizabeth Kowalski // September 9, 2010 at 11:00 am //

    I think that we should organize a sleep out in the courtyard against ResLife because not everyone reads the paper. This will get attention on the subject and hopefully get more people to sign a petition. Anyone interested, my email is I am going to the PEACE office to see what I can do today.


  66. Unbelievable!!!

    I’ve had my own problems with UT Residential Life in the past but nothing to this degree. After this incident the entire Executive Residential Staff should be fired unconditionally. This incident makes our university look really bad. Would anyone like to join me in starting a petition to force administration to hire new Residential Life Staff?


  67. Wow. This is outrageous. I hope there are severe consequences for everyone in the ResLife office who knew of this and didn’t do anything reasonable to help this student. I’m truly disgusted that I bust my butt to pay to attend a school that would treat a student with such disregard.

    I thought this campus was supposed to be a community. Could ResLife not have discreetly arranged for this student to stay with someone, on or off campus? I would have let him stay with me, and I’m sure I speak for others when I say that.

    Franqui tried to send him to a homeless shelter? Really? Disgusting! I’m sure if that was her child, brother or someone she cared about she’d make damn sure he had a safe, clean roof over his head. Maybe those in the ResLife office involved in this need to sleep outside on campus for a few nights or stay at a homeless shelter.


  68. Elizabeth Kowalski // September 9, 2010 at 9:45 am //

    Honestly I am not surprised the issue is not just in ResLife though. The finacail departments of the University of Tampa hold on to your loan money as long as humanly possible. Almost all other universities give the extra financial aid money to students before their classes start, which makes sense because people have to make deposits on apartments, pay rent, buy books, buy groceries, etc. If you don’t have a financially wealthy family backing you while you are at this school you get screwed. I was lucky enough to work a lot over the summer and I was prepared to be screwed by my own school. The professors are amazing at the University of Tampa, but something needs to be done about the system. The school was not prepared to take on twice as many freshman as they did in previous years and do not have enough housing. Living off campus is not an option for everyone because not everyone has a stable family to back them, so that leaves them with living on campus which is VERY costly. This University needs to make some changes in order to make it somewhere everyone has the opportunity to learn. It should be less of a business and more of a learning institute, because ultimately isn’t that what it is meant to be? It am very sad this happened to Rosado, but hopefully it didn’t happen to him in vain and changes will come. Anyone that dedicated to learning should be given the opportunity. Best of Luck.


  69. I’m so glad security worked with Res Life. It’s a good thing they sent a quick and speedy EMAIL. Seriously??


  70. Res Life is easily the worst organization on campus. I understand that they have to accommodate a few thousand students but the way they handle certain situations is a nightmare.


  71. I cannot believe something like this would be allowed to occur at UT. The fact a res life employee gave him what he thought to be homeless shelters contact numbers is ludicrous. When they discovered that they should have immediately found a solution. President Vaughn, you listening, your university is going to down fast you need to pick it up and DO SOMETHING.


  72. SpartanClassof10 // September 9, 2010 at 8:09 am //

    I just basically wrote a novel about how appalled I am by this situation and it didn’t send…of course.

    Long Story short, I’m disgusted. Crystal runs the most poorly managed office on campus and it has shown for years; I hate to say Enrique might have been a martyr but the entire campus can finally see how rude, unprofessional and unwilling to accommodate ResLife really is.

    I think the Minaret should begin to run a story every week regarding ResLife and their inability to actually help students enjoy their time on campus. Maybe administration would finally see the circus they have working up there.

    Best of luck with everything Mr Rosado.


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