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Tampa Theatre to screen 'Touching Home'

The Miller Brothers working. Photo by David Moir.

After being guests of the University of Tampa’s Black Box Film Festival last year, Logan and Noah Miller are returning to Tampa this week. The twins will premiere their feature debut Touching Home (distributed by California Film Institute) at 7:30 p.m. on Friday, June 11 in the Tampa Theatre. After the screening, the Miller twins join the audience for a Q&A.

A special screening for Touching Home’s, will take place Wednesday, June 9. UT professor Dana Plays’ World Cinema class will be among the first to see the movie. Plays values the opportunity, “One of our goals in CAL (College of Arts and Letters) is to submerge students in the cultural life right across the river in downtown Tampa, including the historic Tampa Theater– known for its screenings of international art house films.

“This event provides an exciting first hand experience of the filmmaking process since the film is written and directed by identical twins epitomizing the collaborative and auteurist approach to filmmaking.”

As the twins’ biopic, the movie depicts the struggle their father had with alcohol and the obstacles the brothers had to overcome until today. Without revealing too much, the brothers swore each other to tell their story on their father’s grave, shortly after he died in a prison cell. Nevertheless, the movie entails more than a few light moments and features well-known actors Ed Harris and Brad Dourif.

Logan and Noah Miller are excited about their return to Tampa: “We’re fired-up. We had a great time in Tampa this fall, met some really nice people and are looking forward to seeing them again.”

For more information on the promotional screening, e-mail with the subject “Touching Home.” Tickets will be awarded to the first three respondents.

For more showtimes, please visit

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