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Music Columnist Writes His Final Note

Kara Wall/The Minaret

I had a lot of things in mind that I wanted to accomplish when I came to college. I wanted to maintain an excellent G.P.A., play all four years as an athlete and make great friends.

None of these goals ever included writing for the school paper.

The Minaret and I stumbled upon each other my freshman year. I was nervous and skeptical, and it’s safe to say the whole thing had the makings of great love story from the start.

I was required, in my Eng101 class, to submit a piece of writing to a newspaper.

I felt that sending something to The Minaret as opposed to another local paper would make the rejection much easier to accept. But then I got the call.

“We want you to write the music section for The Minaret,” the person on the phone said.

Humbled and a little dumbfounded, I weighed my options and did what I always do in a situation like this: I called my mom and dad.

Let’s get one thing straight. My parents and I share an unusually open relationship.

This was not a “Do what you want sweetie,” or an “I support you and whatever you decide, Zach” kind of conversation.

No, this was a blunt “You need to do this, Zach” conversation. Thanks Mom and Dad, that’s exactly why I love you so much.

In retrospect, I don’t think The Minaret really understood what they were getting themselves into.

My music biases and my nearly pretentious attitude with music can only be described…well, with words that really can’t be printed in this paper.

Nonetheless, I ended up writing the music section here for four years, and now, here I am, writing my farewell.

The Minaret opened a lot of doors for me and has given me some of my fondest college memories.

For that I’d like to thank Charlie Hambos, Mel Steiner and Mike Trobiano.

The three of you have each been my arts and entertainment editors at different times in my career, and you have all equally been great.

I know I’m not always the easiest to deal with, so I thank you, for your patience.

As I sit here writing my last article, I can’t help but reminisce about my college years and the people that made them so great.

The memories I have formed with the soccer team will forever be some of my best.

Driving throughout the night to the next game, practicing in the blistering heat, and just being together is what I will always remember and I would like to thank Daniel Bergstrand, Chris O’Brien and Clete “The Gweet” Goddard specifically.

Although they have already graduated, I can’t finish this article without mentioning Lee Inglis, Greg Tweedly and Mike Dill.

These three are some of the greatest friends and I thank them for that. (What is this a Grammy speech?)

Finally, this college career could not have been the same without my girlfriend Lauren Moon.

I successfully grabbed the most beautiful girl on campus, and I know this.

You deserve an Olympic gold for putting up with me, but you’ll just have to settle for my love.

It saddens me to have to finish writing this chapter in my life as I move onto different endeavors out in the real world.

I hope for nothing but the best for UT, the men’s soccer team and The Minaret and I hope my little brothers Cole and Connor will be blessed with the same great experiences you gave me.

I’ll leave you with my favorite quote of all time, written by Richard Russo: “Lives are like rivers… eventually they go where they must… not where we want them to.”

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