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The Crazies Will Leave You Screaming

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The Crazies takes place in the small, isolated town of Ogden Marsh, Iowa. The movie’s protagonist, Deputy of Ogden Marsh David Dutton, played by Timothy Olyphant, seems to know just about everybody in his peaceful, little town.

That stillness is disturbed, however, when a deranged citizen of Ogden Marsh makes his way onto the local baseball field with a shotgun, with the intent to use it. In efforts to protect innocent citizens, Dutton has no choice but to shoot the distraught man after realizing the man was his friend.

As life goes on in Ogden Marsh, more people start losing their minds with this murderous fever.  As Dutton and his sheriff, Russell Clank, played by Joe Anderson, try to figure out what is causing the once lovely inhabitants into such monsters, they soon understand they are part of something much bigger.

The Crazies is a remake of George A. Romero’s 1973 movie of the same title. Despite the added challenge of reworking the narrative as well as being grouped in the “zombie movie” category, director Breck Eisner somehow makes a successful finished product.

The movie stays away from anything that could be considered cliché with zombie references, allowing The Crazies to seem more original and believable.

Additionally, going into this movie, I was under the impression that the trailers and previews had showed a bulk of the film. I was wrong. I was pleased to see that most of the previews were really just teasers and that the movie was not tarnished by the many commercials that ran on television prior to the it’s release.

Timothy Olyphant has always been one of my favorites because he always manages to have a believable performance in any role he plays. He proves himself again in this role, portraying the classic good-guy protagonist very well. The supporting cast was quite small of course, but did a commendable job playing a compliment to Olyphant.

I really appreciated how sincere The Crazies was. It wasn’t over the top nor did it try to become a multi-faceted and thought-provoking movie. It played to the audience’s fear of terrible things happening to normal people, and that was enough to win me over. I couldn’t find any real flaws in this movie, as the storyline was kept simple yet smart, leaving no holes for any major continuity errors.

If you enjoy being thrilled and don’t mind being scared out of your mind, then I recommend you see this movie. Though the movie may be a jump-out-of-your-seat and cover-your-eyes horror, the gore factor was not overbearing, which is yet another reason I appreciated The Crazies. I give this film a solid A being intelligent and classy while still serving its purpose of scaring us.

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