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Vietnam Native Proud to Call University of Tampa Home

He was the middle child of five in a family that could not afford to support all its members. The family was forced to make a decision and his parents put him up for adoption.

Confusion and fear can set in with small children very quickly when put into unknown situations. Being brought to the U.S. from an orphanage in Ha Noi, Vietnam, Quin Trigg said he was too young to realize what was happening. “It all happened kind of fast, I was too young to remember anything from Vietnam,” Trigg said.

Turning six years old, Trigg was adopted from an orphanage by his new father, Michael Trigg. Michael brought young Trigg back to his home in Iowa. The father also adopted Donavan Trigg, who was living with his mother in Vietnam at the time. Donavan and Quin are not related by blood but became members of the same family once they were adopted.

A sophomore at the University of Tampa, Trigg is competing in his first season on the golf team. Growing up in Iowa, Trigg was given a golf club to play with. His father noticed he had a natural swing and started teaching him golf. Trigg began playing golf before he even knew English. His family moved from Iowa to Wilmington, Del. in December of 1997, where Trigg currently resides.

Trigg played golf all through high school. He attended the Charter School of Wilmington where he played all four years of high school. Trigg had an average round score of 76.8 with a 0.2 USGA handicap. While in high school, Trigg amassed many awards including: first-team Blue Hen Conference for his exceptional play in 2006, as well as two-time all-state selection in 2006 and 2007.

In order to prepare himself for golf tournaments Trigg said, “I listen to my golf playlist on my iPod. It really relaxes me and gets me ready to compete.” He also wears his grandmother’s necklace that his father gave to him. “I don’t call it a superstition, I just feel that I am comfortable with it on while playing golf,” said Trigg. Along with listening to music, Trigg practices at the local golf course two to four times a week. “I see my coach two times a week,  unless it’s a week before a tournament, then I see him about four times that week for help,” said Trigg.

During the summer when not playing for the school, Trigg hits the links five to six times a week. He competes in many summer tournaments and likes frequenting his favorite course, Wilmington Country Club North. One of his most memorable courses that Trigg played on was out in Idaho. “The course was named Gaza Ranch and it was an unbelievable place. They cleaned my golf club after every swing on the driving range,” Trigg said about his experience.

Outside of golf, Trigg loves to dance. He has many videos on YouTube of him and his friends “C-walking. “Ever since my brother and I watched America’s Best Dance Crew, we have always wanted to dance. My brother can dance a lot better but it is a lot of fun,” Trigg said. One of his musical influences Trigg says is Blink 182. “It was one of the first bands I was introduced to in the U.S.”

It took him three months to learn English, but only a few days to pick up the game of golf. That natural swing he developed into a sound golf game has pushed him to be a member of the university’s golf team. If he could describe himself in one word, Trigg said he is, “Confident.“Not a day goes by where I don’t think about how fortunate I am.” Trigg looks forward to playing golf for the University of Tampa and enjoys representing the university he calls his home.

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