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Editorial: Let’s Make the Most Out of What’s Left

We have passed the midway point of the semester. Most of our midterms are over with and other exams are only weeks away.

It’s no longer the beginning of the semester so we can’t keep putting things off until later in the semester, as that time is rapidly approaching.

If action hasn’t been taken to make the most out of this semester, students need to begin to spend less time worrying where they will be on weekend nights and rather find the perfect place to study and work.

If students aren’t happy with their grades now, they have a little less than half of the semester to get those high scores like they wanted to from the very beginning.

Most of the time, a good chunk of the total class points are concentrated in the latter half of the semester so the opportunity to excel still exists.

It seems like we have just welcomed the new and returning Spartans to campus and now they are making or have already made plans to depart for Thanksgiving.

November is here and we have to make the most of it. September and October are over and we can’t focus on the past but only on the future, which is right around the corner.

Just when crunch time begins this semester, UT officials already have students thinking about next semester as class registration starts in only a few days.

For freshman, they are assessing this semester’s schedule and hoping next semester won’t be as hectic as they are in control of what classes they pick.

They will no longer be new to UT but semi-experienced UT students.

Some students will not even have to register for classes as they will graduate from UT in December.

Those students can tell you how fast time flies while studying here at UT.

We’re sure some are suffering from senioritis but know they have to push through to the very end. Seniors graduating in May will be making their last course schedule in their undergraduate career.

Not only do they have to push through the remainder of this semester, but start all over and push through their last semester as well.

For both graduating classes, the job market is still not in the finest shape and they’re still not sure what their future will hold. Some will go on to various graduate schools.

As we enter the last half of the semester, how will students make their mark?

It is these semesters of your college career and your life which will determine what will make up a student’s future and these times must not be taken for granted but taken one day at a time.

Each day must accomplish something.

What will you do to finish off the semester strong?

How will you make the decisions necessary to make the most of your time here at UT? Then, how will the decisions you make affect your future?

Go and do what needs to be done.

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