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Homophobia: A Festering Symptom of Greater Hatred

Think about the word “hatred.”

How are you spreading it?

I recall being touched by various articles during these past few weeks. One focused on hate crimes against minorities, women and homosexuals, especially the case of Matthew Shepard, which is influencing legislation against hate crimes in the Senate.

These articles revealed one thing: there is a lot of hatred and violence in this world, a lot of division, which we as individuals facilitate by endorsing stereotypes, ignorance and violent behavior.

People say homosexuality isn’t a true sexuality, it’s just a fad, it’s not natural. Sure there’s a level of superficiality in gay culture, but it is not a fad. One must never presume to know the roots of someone else’s sexuality. None of us are in a position to judge.

Being gay doesn’t make you a bad person; I have friends who are gay, and they’re just as good as anyone else. Sexual orientation is not a stain on the heart of a person.

While writing this article, I found a video on Youtube about committed hate crimes. Ronnie Antonio Paris was a two year-old child killed by his father because his father believed his baby to be gay. Is being gay so terrible? Or is being hateful far worse?

There’s an active gay community on campus, which should be allowed to practice their lifestyles without fear. If they had the choice to live a life with less hatred and guilt they would. However, it’s not one of those choices.

You can choose not to care for them or avoid the issue, it doesn’t matter. I wish people would choose not to hate, not to kill and not to cause enough pain to make someone take their life.

Whichever gods we may follow, I’m sure none of them want us to spread hatred.

Think of Gandhi, Mandela and all the great humanitarians who spoke of a world of love and equality.

Let us not destroy the world they envisioned, let us not allow their life’s work to be in vain by filling the world with hate.

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3 Comments on Homophobia: A Festering Symptom of Greater Hatred

  1. I think that if you want to be gay that you should keep it in the closet. Society is constructed around the head of the household being a MAN and his WIFE.


  2. Philippa Hatendi // October 27, 2009 at 7:21 pm //

    I never said that superficiality was just in homosexual communities. it can be found in all communities, as you said. But i was talking about homosexuals in the article; hence i focused on the superficiality present in modern homosexuality. But thank you for your comment.


  3. I do not believe that gay people own the market in superficiality.

    I live in Los Angeles, California. 90% of the women here have identical, artificial duck lips. I believe breast implants are now mandatory inside county lines. 90% of the men here drive cars they can not afford to impress the women with the duck lips and governmentally-sanctioned boobs.

    I drive down Sunset Blvd. each morning on my way to my office in Beverly Hills. For 4 miles on the Sunset Strip, I am confronted with nothing BUT billboard after billboard of heterosexual superficiality.

    Just sayin’

    I think superficiality is a HUMAN condition, not a gay one.


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