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YoUTube Contest

The opportunity has finally come to light.

It’s the UT student’s time to shine as the Office of Admissions sponsors as “UT Youtube Video Contest.”

The contest started in September and ends in November.

Each month a “UT Youtube Video of the Month Award” will be awarded a $30 Barnes and Noble gift certificate.

Winners will be announced on the UT Facebook.

A committee of faculty and staff will judge and select the winner.

Any creative video will be viewed but inappropriate material will not tolerated.


• Innovative or unique imagery and stories about the University…Be creative!

• Activities at the Marine Science Field Station

• Videos showcasing the city of Tampa

• Humorous, yet relevant UT faculty interviews

• Video of UT clubs & organizations

• UT athletics “top 10”

• Cultural events

• Candid student experience video

• Florida’s outdoor activities

• Display your UT pride and spirit

• Anything you think might appeal to future UT students


Videos accepted up to 2GB & 10 minutes. File types should be one of the following:

• Windows Media Video (.WMV)

• .3GP (cell phones)

• .AVI (windows)

• .MOV (mac)

• .MP4 (ipod/psp)


• .FLV (adobe flash)

• .SWF (shock wave flash)

• .MKV (h.264)


• Upload your video to YouTube.

• Send the link to Anthony Pinto at

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