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Virtual World Leaves Students Out of Touch with Reality

Where has my life gone?

People forget how much time they spend watching TV, or sitting in front of the computer. The fact that technology keeps getting more advanced and convenient isn’t helping. While some of these things are headed in the right direction, some are just random and unnecessary.

I started thinking about this a lot after the movie “The Final Destination 3-D” came out (how there got to be four of these movies I don’t know). Making 3-D horror movies seemed to be unnecessary for the world.

The fact that “The Final Destination” was made 3-D, means that there was some sort of demand or target audience.

Somewhere in the world, people were watching the first 3 “Final Destination” movies and thinking that these movies are great and all, but they’re not feeling as involved in these deaths as they’d like to be.

If there was any possible way I could get closer to these teens being brutally murdered that would be great! Watching a roller coaster derail and kill 10 people is somewhat entertaining, maybe we could have it closer to our faces, maybe in 3-D (like a Disney ride!) that would really get me going.

Apparently there’s a large demographic willing to pay $10 to watch people get killed in 3-D (which is a great sign).
Then there are the new paper-thin TVs (because those damn 2 inch thick TVs are taking up way too much room), which you can basically tape to the wall.

Watching high definition is so clear that sometimes it feels like things look better on TV than they do in real life. I’ve actually caught myself looking at something like the Tampa skyline and thinking, “Wow that would look so great on an HDTV.” Then I realize what I thought and die a little bit inside. Seriously, high definition TV has made everything interesting regardless of the topic.

“Are you really watching ‘Antiques Roadshow’ right now?”

“Dude I know it’s not that exciting, but look how sharp that 15th century rocking chair looks on this TV!”

“Is this the same episode you saw yesterday?”


And if advancements in TV and film weren’t enough, video games have gotten insane.

I’ve mistaken video game graphics for real life on numerous occasions. I walked into a friend’s room and believed the Washington Wizards were playing the Phoenix Suns, until I quickly realized it was 2 a.m. on a Wednesday night (and the Wizards were winning).
The Nintendo Wii is successfully cutting people off from any kind of human contact. Any physical activity, you can now do from your living room!

With Wii Fit, who needs to go to the gym (or see the sun) when you can step up and down on a white board for an hour while staring at your TV!

I’m hoping Nintendo will come full circle when it comes to these “active” games. Maybe they can trick people into actually exercising. “It’s called the ‘Wii Bike,’ basically you get on this bike, you take it outside, and you ride it wherever you want! And if your friend has a ‘Wii Bike’ too, you can ride together! It’s crazy how realistic it is!”

Finally, coming to the Internet, everything’s become so convenient and entertaining that you really get consumed with whatever you’re doing and don’t realize you haven’t moved in about four hours.

With so many great videos on YouTube, you really can’t resist watching something titled “Kid gets in BIG TROUBLE” when it has 12 million views.

Curiosity will always get the best of you, but if so many other people have watched it, it has to be good, right? In reality 95 percent of the time, it’s not worth it.

It leaves you wishing you could have that part of your life back which you just lost.

But the real thing taking over our lives is Facebook, and all the random applications on it keep us online that much longer.

I’ll want to check my Facebook before I start my homework at 7:50 so I can start working at 8.

But I’ll look back at the clock and it’ll be 10:30, and all I’ve learned is which character from “Twilight” I would be and that I have a “lonely black sheep on my farm.”

I think I’ve taken more quizzes on Facebook than I have in college so far. Sorry, education!

I’d rather know whom I most relate to from (insert movie/TV show/ book) than learn about boring chemistry!

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2 Comments on Virtual World Leaves Students Out of Touch with Reality

  1. I do the same thing whilst im lookin at fine ladies, thinkin about how much better they would look in 1080p.


  2. Baby Chester // October 1, 2009 at 10:46 pm //

    y didn’t u tell me to get the blue book


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