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Editorial: Let Us Ask Your Questions

The Minaret was named one of the Top 25 “Four year Non-daily” college newspapers in the country for the 2008-2009 academic year by the Associated Collegiate Press.

Other papers in the same category include The Miami Hurricane from the University of Miami, The Chicago Maroon from the University of Chicago, The Pendulum from Elon University,and The Vanderbuilt Hustler from Vanderbuilt University.

This is big news for us as it is for you, the voice that we represent on a weekly basis. Although the final results will not be announced until the convention in October, we are happy to be in the top 25.

The Minaret has worked long and hard for the past 76 years making sure that students have news they can use. From that time we have produced thousands of editions. Some were better than others and we continue to improve on a daily basis.

Our online edition currently has more capabilities than we have ever had, giving us the opportunity to reach more people in several different ways.

The Minaret’s highest responsibility is to our readers. The responsibility is the same for every other media outlet around the country both college and mainstream journalists.

Yet we don’t have the issues that many of these outlets, especially fellow mainstream news journalists have as physical newspapers become a dying fad, leaving only the New York Times and the USA Today on the racks.

Don’t forget that the same people who write for the paper version also write for the online version.

Journalism in the United States and around the world has changed over the last couple of years. The journalism of today is not the same journalism that ended the Vietnam War many years ago.

Decades later we look at some of the current crisis’s that the country faces. Are journalists asking the right questions? Are we doing our jobs?

Here at The Minaret, although our base is somewhat small, our readership is worldwide.

Our base is you, the reader, the student, the faculty, the staff, the member of the UT community. We know you have questions that need to be asked.

It is our job to ask those questions. We will ask and we will do the best to find the answer.

This week we asked how students like their accommodations at the Howard Johnson. Some were happy that they lived there and enjoyed the freedom.
Others felt they are missing a vital part of the college experience. Most though know that the shuttle service can be improved. The Minaret helped convey that message to the community.

This week we also spoke with students and faculty about the eighth year anniversary of Sept. 11, 2001. Where were they? What do they remember now? And, How do they feel eight years later?

We are the only newspaper on-campus here at the University of Tampa. We are students just like you. We want to know what you are concerned about.

We are your source for everything that happens here at UT.

Just because we are an award-winning newspaper does not mean we are better than the rest. We know we can always do things better. We know our coverage can be bigger and broader.

We accept your criticisms and suggestions. By all means if there is something you deem incorrect that we have reported, please bring it to our attention.

Let us know, because we want to continue to be your one and only award winning student-run campus newspaper.

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