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Charlie Hambos/The Minaret

Charlie Hambos/The Minaret

Although most people are just getting acquainted with the idea of autumn, the fashion world is already ready for winter. On Wednesday, Oct. 22 many fashion designers showed off their winter collections at The Hyde Park Café for the annual Goddess Fashion Show.

Clothing and accessories from Custo Barcelona, Amber Cox, Reborn Couture, Ice It by Bebe Z, and House of Dali were presented. The hottest trends began at the Tampa Fashion Week, but this event topped all.

Couple and owners of Reborn Couture, Nevada and Shannon Wren described their line. “It’s designer men’s and women’s fashion. It’s one-of-a-kind, trendy high fashion. We have the biggest denim collection here tonight!”

Each piece was embellished with Swarovski crystals in Tiffany’s settings.

“In February, we’re launching a new line! We also have an online store,” Nevada said.

Local to Tampa, Reborn Couture is located at 701 South Howard Ave. You can visit the website at Their next fashion show will be Nov. 7 at the Hard Rock Café in Tampa.

Modeling for the Reborn Couture included a UT Junior, Cameron Fulks. Owner of a promotion company Edge Entertainment and former co-owner of Fresh Entertainment, Fulks explained it was his first fashion show. He appeared in a crystal-studded T-shirt and jeans.

Charlie Hambos/The Minaret

Charlie Hambos/The Minaret

Erika, a model for Reborn Couture, was more than excited to show off her look. The Tampa resident said it was her first fashion show and was excited to be working with the label. She strutted down the runway wearing two outfits – the first, jeans and a studded polo; the second, a fun and flirty party dress. “The clothes fit well and they fit to everyone’s unique shape,” she said.

Jon Miller, a season model, explained it was his third runway show with Reborn Couture.  Originating from New Jersey, he came to Florida for school. He showed off his looks in tan pants, a beaded T-shirt, and his “Buddha beads,” as well as a pair of white linen pants and a Reborn Couture royal blue shirt. Miller will be appearing in the Nov. 7 show.

Ice It by Bebe Z received an enormous ovation as president and CEO Bebe Ziegler brought all of her collections to the show including her Signature Series, Miami Ink, LA Ink, Sports, and Pinkitude. The clothing is embellished with artwork made of Swarovski crystals and rhinestones in a complex and crystal puzzle.

Modeling for Ice It by Bebe Z was Ocala native, Raven. Wearing five outfits, it was her second runway show with Bebe. “I love every single minute of the shows. I am so excited to be here and I am so glad to work with Bebe,” she exclaimed.

Fox, a model for Bebe Z, had nothing but great things to say about his designer and the show. At 6 feet, 7 inches, he began his modeling career a few months ago. He came to Florida for vacation and never left. His friend was good friends with Bebe Ziegler, who gave him a chance at modeling. Wearing a crystal-dragon embellished shirt as well as a gold tiger shirt, Fox definitely caused all eyes to be on him. “Bebe’s collections are so unique. They’re sexy!” he said.

Charlie Hambos/The Minaret

Charlie Hambos/The Minaret

Tearing up, Ziegler explained, “This is the first year I have been recognized as a top designer. I feel so blessed and incredibly honored – it’s just so crazy! All of the hard work has finally paid off.”

Amber Cox, president of her line Amber Cox, brought her “Western Glam” collection to the runway. Described as country with funk, the collection thrived off of combining pieces that you wouldn’t normally place together. Cox redesigns vintage clothing into mod high fashion. “I’m excited for the show and we’re all ready to rock it!” Cox said. “The website is a work-in-progress but will be running soon!”

Ladies-wear only, 12 women modeled for Amber Cox. One of these included St. Pete native, Sara, who was walking in her first runway show.

Displaying ten different outfits, she described her look as “urban chic street-wear.”

The Amber Cox collection is edgy and colorful. It is also a green line, meaning that all of the pieces are reworked from old, vintage materials.

Her line will appear next at The Kennedy on Oct. 29.

Midway through the show, House of Dali took the runway. The dark and gothic-like attire was the most unique collection of the night. Black feathers, black leather, and dark make-up enhanced the style of each outfit. Dali, creator of House of Dali, grew up in New York. She used the music, fashion and art from NYC as the inspiration for all of her pieces.

Her collection raised quite a few brows but gave “liberty in fashion” a whole new meaning.

Fashion, as unveiled at the Goddess Fashion Show, is not about a set of rules nor should it bind you. Let your inner creativity shine though because it is possible to be chic and comfy.

This season, explore and dive into your world of fashion. You never know just what you will find!

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