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  • Sykes Chapel: a leap of faith

    By CAMRYN BEAUMONT When you hear the word ‘chapel,’ do you think only of religion? Though its architecture was originally designed to mimic a classic religious symbol, praying hands, Sykes Chapel [...]
  • Around the world with Mauricio Rich

    By MAURICIO RICH “Pollo, arroz amarillo, caraotas negras y jugo natural de naranja,” I said to the lady in La Havana on Vaughn’s Center first floor the first week of my freshman year. She hands [...]
  • Strength in camaraderie

    By IVY VELAZQUEZ Opening my closet door, I take out my coyote combat boots. Sitting on my desk chair, I pull them on over my pants legs and lace them up, untucking my pants just enough to blouse them [...]
  • The political animals of UT

    By MANI THANGADURAI Being a liberal arts college, UT has over the years been comparatively quiet in terms of political activity with most of its students shying away from political discourse or [...]

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De Alfredo looks to build her UT legacy

by Minaret Staff in Spotlight

By Simon Brady There’s an old saying that goes “When the door closes, a window opens.” This directly applies to brand new graduate assistant for UT’s women’s basketball squad, [...]